• The edge-of-the-seat suspense will keep the audience hooked till the very end and the power-packed performances make for a good watch.

  • Although the director Anand L Rai has had a glorious history, he has failed in executing the film. However, one thing that the whole team can be certainly proud of is the performances.  The whole star-cast has delivered their career-best performance in Zero and shouldered a delirious script.

  • Overall, while ‘The Exotic Marigold Hotels’ is packaged as a cultural ambassador of Jaipur, “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” remains after all, only the second best!

  • Overall, viewing “Jupiter Ascending” with its faulty script is a tedious affair. It leaves you gasping for oxygen.

  • Given the low budget, the production values of the film are good.

    Mildly entertaining, the film is worth a one-time watch.

  • While the director has put all his energies in creating a thematic goal with his technical and artistic approach, he has not paid attention to the lethargically crafted script delivered by screenwriters Charles Leavitt and Steven Knight. Though they have adapted the screenplay from a story by Matt Greenberg, based on the book ‘The Spook’s Apprentice’ by Joseph Delaney, there are plot holes that make the narration a generic fantasy fare.

  • The film claims to have not hurt any animals. But what about the poor audience? There ought to be a parallel SPCA — Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Audience.

  • Maybe, Chandran is a better cinematographer than a filmmaker. Or maybe he just isn’t ready yet to be a filmmaker.

  • Overall, co-directors Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller have ensured that the film is technically suave, but the execution of everything is so overdone and previously seen, that has lost its sheen in the second round.

  • …is a typically clichéd love story. Despite a good star cast it is at most a one time watch.

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