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No One Killed Jessica

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No One Killed Jessica is a 2011 Indian political crime thriller film starring Rani Mukerji and Vidya Balan, produced by UTV Spotboy and directed by Rajkumar Gupta, who directed the acclaimed film Aamir .Wikipedia

No One Killed Jessica Reviews


’No One Killed Jessica’ isn't a bad film; it's just a disappointing one from a filmmaker who showed such promise with his debut film ‘Aamir’. This one falls short.I'm going with two-and-a-half out of five for director Rajkumar Gupta's ‘No One Killed Jessica’. It reminded me of a Madhur Bhandarkar film. If you're a fan of simplistic storytelling, you won't complain.

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


‘No One Killed Jessica’ manages to sustain interest as it makes itself way towards the climactic moment when the culprit, despite the best efforts of his politician father and his fawning courtiers, is nabbed.

Nikhat Kazmi
Times Of India


The film has an impeccable first half and could do with some editing in the second half. But the high drama, the arresting performances and the spunky audio track (Amit Trivedi) make NOKJ a memorable viewing.

Mayank Shekhar
Hindustan Times


For the way it’s been made, it will be watched. It should be. Go for the kill!

The script could have been more nuanced; some of the casting could have been better; the final product, for want a better word, could have been 'more finished.' And these desires only crop up because the film is helmed by the highly capable Raj Kumar Gupta.

No One Killed Jessica is several notches ahead of the tripe we’ve been subjected to in theatres lately.

Reviewer Profile
DNA India


Watch No One Killed Jessica to see how well reality can be depicted on the big screen. Just don’t expect that on-screen reality to jolt you as much as the off-screen one did.

Taran Adarsh
Bollywood Hungama


On the whole, NO ONE KILLED JESSICA is a poignant story of two women's resolve for justice. It's a remarkable blend of facts and fiction inspired by a series of real-life episodes, which has thankfully not been presented as a tedious biography or in a mind-numbing docu-drama format. It's more of an engaging thriller which has the right doses of histrionics, tautness, anguish and thrills. The emotional and disturbing journey, the strength of the common man and the relentless endeavor of the media have all been most compellingly put together on moving picture. In times of yore, a lot of films have been attempted on real-life incidents, but haven't struck a chord so effectively. NO ONE KILLED JESSICA should shatter this jinx. This heroic and daring film truly deserves a prolonged applause.


NO ONE KILLED JESSICA is a poignant drama that makes you think. It shows what people and media can do, even if means challenging the system and the judiciary. It surely does justice to the entire Jessica Lall case. Don't miss it!

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NOKJ achieves its aim of being something other than standard Hindi film fare. After a string of over-hyped and over-budget offerings from Bombay cinema in the final quarter of 2010, No One Killed Jessica is a welcome antidote, and it will be interesting to see what awaits this powerful film at the box office.


‘No One Killed Jessica’ is a superbly written and well crafted piece of cinema.

Audience Reviews for No One Killed Jessica

  • Shashwat Sisodia
    Shashwat Sisodia
    300 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    The best we would want from the movies based on real-life mysterious cases involving killing is that they thrill, but present the facts with depth and conviction.
    'No one killed Jessica' is actually far from that. Not only are the twists and turns particularly forced, it gives the criminals a dazzle, which makes the film lack consistency and understanding.
    Jessica Lal was working as a barmaid in an unlicensed bar. In the midst of a party, she refused the offers for serving by Manu Sharma, a rich and affluent politician's son. She was shot twice in the head, and killed.
    The case which was made spanned six long years for reaching a verdict, and the case is clearly described as one of the most shocking trials ever made in the history of Indian judiciary (the murder happened in 1999, the verdict reached on 2006).
    The film stays faithful to the series of events, just that it focuses in these two women- Sabrina, Jessica's elder sister and Mira, a swearing news reporter. The film is the case through their observations.
    While Sabrina's observation is intimately drawn out, it loses its focus by the onset of the second half. Mira's gaze is longer, a heft concoction of facts and fiction. But you wish the film rotted to Sabrina, and her intimate relationship with her sister. It is simple, yes, but emotional and stimulated. And that's because Vidya Balan has once again mesmerized us with her effective performance. She is modest, and nice.
    Rani Mukherjee is a total letdown as Mira. Her swearing news reporter, who could have easily been established as a firebrand, is blazing for nothing, and a clumsily written character. It will easily go down in history as the actress's worst performance in her career.
    Not all of the film is a drag though. Despite the simplistic storytelling, Rajkumar Gupta effectively captures the times of Lal and the era: Mira is seen covering the Kargil war and Indian armymen's triumph, which is amazing since we know the war ended the same year.
    What the film needed was a stay-far-away from simplicity. I'm going with 2.5 out of 5. It is watchable, but unfortunately, not more than that.

    September 19, 19
  • Lasit Roy
    Lasit Roy
    32 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    Okey, I really admire Vidya's acting performence.

    November 27, 15
  • Sandeep Gupta
    Sandeep Gupta
    94 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    Some movies should be watched to find the answer of the question why they are being made. No One Killed Jessica is special because it’s a real story. What is commendable is that it is presented with stellar performances, heart wrenching scenes and the honest portrayal of us as a society. Rajkumar Gupta (Aamir fame) clubs real incidents with the main story effortlessly. First half an hour of the movie is like a cracker that keeps you glued to the screen for the entire run of the movie. Rajkumar Gupta hits the master stroke by casting two hugely talented ladies as lead actors. Vidya Balan makes you cry and unsettle and Rani Mukerjee gives you winning satisfaction. Lady playing Jessica is lovable and gets the much required sympathy. Rajesh Sharma plays the role of corrupt but supportive inspector superbly. Overall, the movie works because it hits where it hurts.

    May 23, 13