• The title of the movie is not exciting enough as it makes one wonder what story is left to narrate after a happy ending in the prequel.
    Tanu and Manu are unhappy after 4 years of marriage and are keen to part ways. The film then revolves around their independent lives which supposedly gives freedom to both to lead their lives their way.
    Madhavan plays his character of a simple and disturbed doctor effortlessly. The movie however has the most entertaining elements coming from Deepak Dobriyaal (Pappi ji).He is just unbelievable with his rib-tickling dialogues and expressions. “Pappi ji” in fact has quite substantial screen time and he will not leave his presence in any of the scenes being unnoticed by the audience.
    The film further elevates to a higher level of entertainment and that is contributed by none other than Kangana Ranaut (Tanu & Datto).
    Tanu as a free-spirited woman who wants to re-live her past with her ex-flame (Jimmi Shergill). Her entire personality and attitude which you would rather detest in real life looks ultimately glamorous on screen. The second character, Datto…is of a state level athlete hailing from Haryana. Datto will take your breath away with her completely innocent and rustic personality not to mention the perfect “haryanvi accent” which appears to be Kangana’s natural mother tongue.
    Both the characters are completely opposite and it becomes difficult to believe that both are played by the same person.
    Kangana gives a path-breaking performance and this again proves her immense talent.
    Lot of credit goes to Anand L. Rai who has managed to create such a powerful sequel with strong characters.
    So please do not miss this complete “paisa vasool” movie….otherwise in Datto’s words”Baawde ho gae ke?”

    June 13, 15
  • Khoobsurat , a Walt Disney movie actually appears to be a fairytale.
    The main characters Dr.Mrinalini Chakraborty (played by Sonam Kapoor) and Prince Vikram (played by Fawad Khan) are a deadly combination.
    It can be easily said that both of them are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful looking people in the glamour world.
    The story revolves around Dr. Mili who has been assigned a very difficult task of making the wheel-chaired Maharaja (Prince Vikram’s Dad)recover and stand up on his feet.
    Mili is a free-spirited woman and is shown to be averse to the disciplines imposed by the Maharani (played well by Ratna Pathak).
    Mili’s mom played by Kiron Kher is a character similar to her earlier roles as a punjabi mother.However, somehow you would still enjoy the comical scenes and would not complain that it is repetitive.
    Mili is smitten by Prince Vikram (Viku as she quickly nicknames him) charm and good looks of course!and she doesn’t mind expressing her feelings. Prince Vikram on the other hand is strikingly opposite and is also engaged to a princess (played by Aditi Rao Hydari).
    Best part of the movie is that it is fun-filled and will manage to keep a smile on your face throughout.
    You need not analyse too much on the story as it just simple and sweet. I am a little disappointed with Sonam’s acting which is good but could have been better…she was nearly there ….but a little far from nailing it! This could have brought more life to the movie because she was the main protagonist.
    I hadn’t known Fawad Khan till I heard and saw this movie. This was his debut and I must say that he performed really well. This down to earth, heart-throb is quite an experienced actor back in Pakistan and has won many accolades and awards for his roles in popular tele-series “Humsafar” and “Zindagi Gulzaar Hai”. These series are worth watching for his fans and also for his exemplary works.
    Khoobsurat is a complete visual and emotional treat! You would crave for more when the movie ends because “abhi toh party shuru hui hai!”

    November 30, 14
  • Homi Adajania seems to have tried his hand at bringing some flavour of Woody Allen into his film, Finding Fanny… but alas it seems to be nowhere close!
    The first basic element missing is a natural depiction of a typical Goan life. None of the characters seem to have put in the native accent or even tried speaking the Konkani language. Just wearing a western attire is not enough!
    Deepika and Arjun have showcased normal performance.
    Dimple Kapadia and Pankaj Kapoor’s characters are a little over the top and it is a pity that it is a complete waste of talent.
    Highest marks to Naseeruddin Shah who seems to be in much better control of his character and also he has earlier delivered an excellent performance as a Goan priest in the Shahrukh Starrer movie in the 90s, Kabhi haan Kabhi Naa which is unforgettable.
    Overall the storyline is quite weak and predictable.
    At the end of the film, I bet you will not find your “Fanny”!

    November 30, 14
  • In my view, Emma Thompson steals the show. Tom Hanks is definitely realistic as Mr. Walt Disney but Emma is the showstopper.
    Mary Poppins is a novel very very close to her heart and she does not believe that it would ever be possible to bring the story to life on the silver screen.
    Mr. Disney (Tom Hanks) makes every possible effort to convince Emma (the writer) to give the copyright and also help his team create a movie (based on the novel) as she would want it to be.
    Movie goes through the entire journey that Emma takes in her life especially her attachment with her father which keeps flashing on and off as memories on her mind.
    There is a gradual transformation in her character and makes the movie worth a watch!
    If you are an emotional soul, then you should definitely watch this Disney movie.

    November 30, 14
  • If you have a fairly good understanding of the current political scenario in India, then the film may not appear to be a surprise package.
    Irwing (Christian Bale) a married businessman based in New York meets Sydney (Amy Adams)and takes on a partnership to earn fast money by becoming con experts.
    However, their hidden crime is soon detected by FBI and agent David (Bradley Cooper) gets them arrested. Subsequently, puts a condition of getting the charges dropped against them if they help him expose the Congressmen involved in the ongoing corruption in the Atlantic City.
    I would say that our bollywood movies are equally competent in showcasing such political drama especially with the onset of multiple sting operations against the existing political leaders and mafias. The only difference is that this movie boasts of the American “FBI” sting operation technology (video recording)as early as 1978.
    Makeover of Christian Bale as a man in his mid-40s is splendid along with his superb acting. Bradley Cooper is charming and brilliant as always.
    But the main attraction is Christian Bale’s wife (Jennifer Lawrence). Her dialogue delivery is awesome and puts a dominant presence to her character even though she does not have a major role in the movie.
    All in all the movie basically belongs to Christian Bale who witnesses an entire turn of events in his life affecting his family, his business and of course himself.
    But mind you! No matter how intelligent Christian’s character is, this character is not as powerful as to outsmart the multiple con experts existing in India! Oscar nominated movie but didn’t seem to be that worth watching. One time watch I would say!!

    April 18, 14
  • It seems that director, Vinil Mathew was not very clear about the storyline while making ‘ hasee toh phasee’.
    Towards the beginning of the film, you seem to ignore the weak points thinking that the next part of the movie would be good ….but unfortunately, I carried this feeling right upto the very end.
    Nikhil (Siddharth Malhotra) and Karishma (Adah Sharma) get engaged after 7 years of relationship and are going to be married within a week’s time. During this time, Nikhil meets Meeta, (Parinitee Chopra) who happens to be Karishma’s sister and spends good amount of time together and develops a close bond with her.
    Parinitee should now come out of her so called ‘bubbly’ roles else she would soon get typecast in such roles.
    Her facial expressions and gestures in the initial part made her look completely possessed and horrifying. For sometime I was under the impression that she is playing a role of an autistic but to my surprise she was later portrayed as a super intelligent chemical engineer who is miss know-all and can even repair a car and hack her father’s bank account.Overall her role was quite over the top and not convincing enough.
    Siddharth in comparison was much better and he did show improvement from his last performance(Student of the Year).
    There are few fun moments but are not enough to keep you entertained.
    The film title should have been ‘Hasaa to phasaa’ as Nikhil did not seem to be having any intention of wooing Meeta at any stage. On the other hand Meeta seemed to be trying her best to impress Nikhil.Basic storyline is just an old wine in a new bottle and sadly the chemistry between the two characters is missing. You would be wondering how on earth they are falling in love with each other and it feels as if love too has become quick and robotic in this current age of technology.
    Therefore when you watch this movie, please do not carry high expectations as I do not want you to be the next audience to feel badly ‘phasee’.

    April 10, 14
  • Listen Amaya is a story about a young lady named Amaya (played by Swara Bhaskar) whose mother,Leela (played by Deepti Nava) owns and manages a coffee shop.
    Leela, a widow since 12 years and Jayant, a photographer and a regular visitor at the coffee shop (played by late Farooq Sheikh) develop a special bond between themselves.
    Now the challenge is to make Amaya empathize and accept this relationship between her mother and Jayant.
    Movie revolves around the mental turmoil faced by all the three characters after Amaya learns about her mother’s new found love. It is needless to say that no one would have been a better choice for the role of Leela and Jayant. The pairing of Farooq and Deepti would remind you of their ‘Chashmebadoor’ days.Swara Bhaskar fits quite well in her character.
    Film moves on a slow pace basically providing room for all possible arguments, discussions, debates among all the characters.I must say that this movie challenges the natural instinct of not leaving behind our past especially our fond memories and also tragic moments.
    Such small budget movies somehow get lost under the aggressive promotions of the big banner movies.
    I happened to watch this movie last weekend on TV. Thanks to Doordarshan!
    Although, this was one of Farooq Sheikh’s last movies before his demise, he shall remain young and alive in millions of our hearts forever.

    April 08, 14
  • Gunday is a story about two childhood friends (Bikram and Bala played by Ranveer and Arjun respectively) who grow-up during the 70s. Out of extreme poverty, they adopt illegal practices of selling coal and becoming successful coal and other commodities’ illegal trading mafia in Calcutta.
    Newly appointed ACP played by Irfaan Khan has been given the task to put these two ‘Gundays’ behind bars.Then the movie takes a new turn with both mafias falling in love with a local cabaret dancer – Nandita played by Priyanka which leads to a separation and enemity between the two friends.
    Frankly speaking, the movie is not able to take any particular direction. After watching the film you will wonder what exactly the movie wanted to portray?
    60% of the movie show Ranveer and Arjun running together to beat up other mafias or to jump on coal wagons or running against each other to fight among themseleves. They do not speak a word of Bengali, rather Ranveer has that Gujrati accent (too much after effect of Ramleela) and does not miss showing off his abs.
    Arjun does not miss any opportunity to give wicked smiles. Priyanka looks extremely beautiful but when you see the entire movie, you will agree that her character is quite over the top but please! do not try to find any logic as you will be only wasting your time on that.
    Irfaan plays his part well as usual but after watching him in ‘the lunchbox’ and ‘Paan Singh Tomar’ , I want to know why he wanted to play this supporting role?
    Director tries to put forward a story which is full of Bollywood masala and melodrama. One needs a lot of patience to watch the movie especially, the second half.
    All in all the movie neither gets deep into the story of illegal trading nor it explores how the two illiterate mafias build an empire and exercise so much of muscle power.
    Alas! Sorry to say,few good songs and dhishum dhishum does not echo any ‘ghantiyaan’ in my heart!

    April 06, 14
  • Sonam Kapoor is one of my favourite and Rishi Kapoor is fabulous in the movie. For these reasons, I would like to rate an additional star (5+1).
    The movie is about two individuals (Sonam & Ayushmann) completely lost in love and struggling to convince Mr. VK Sehgal(Rishi Kapoor – Sonam’s dad) to approve of their marriage.
    Movie revolves around the backdrop of an economic recession faced by the airline industry.
    It is needless to say that Sonam looks extremely beautiful in all her outfits but her role does not give her the opportunity to showcase depth in her acting.
    Ayushmann does justice to his role but there is nothing extraordinary.
    The shining light in this dark tunnel is Mr. V.K. Sehgal played by Rishi Kapoor a government servant who believes that his son-in-law needs to be a millionaire. An IAS officer who keeps boasting that “Home Secretary toh mera batchmate tha” to scare people and showcase his importance.
    His assistant and confidante, Gurcharan Singh also contributes to few fun moments in the movie.
    Mr. Sehgal’s comic timing is brilliant and one can say that he is the saving grace.
    All in all the movie is light, fun-filled with some emotional contents.
    Bewakoofiyaan focusses on a practical problem but deals it with an unrealistic touch!
    However the movie is “Watchable” especially for the hard work put in by all the three characters.

    March 30, 14
  • I have really lost count on the number of times I have watched this movie! My husband has not been able to fathom WHY?
    Aayan Mukherjee’s debut movie has indeed gifted me with a very enjoyable cinematic experience.
    Siddharth aka Sid (Ranbir Kapoor) is a third year student enjoying all his time and money after his final exams with his friends. His dad (Anupam Kher) tries to pull him out of his slumber by hiring him as a trainee in his company thinking that Sid would start becoming responsible and work hard to become successful. Sadly, Sid is too immature to understand what he needs to do in life. He has no vision, no goals and considers his parents his greatest enemy.
    During this time, he develops friendship with Aisha (Konkana Sen) who has just come from Kolkata in search of a job in her favourite magazine ‘Mumbai Mirror’ and from here starts their journey towards self-realisation.
    The movie deals very beautifully with the emotions of a young naive boy from an affluent family, heavily dependent on “chhotu” (servant) and his dad’s credit card, learning to become self-sufficient.
    It brings to light the fact that no matter which class of society you come from, there is no shortcut to hard work. There is an interesting chemistry between Sid and Aisha…a clear example of why opposites attract each other.
    Acting is marvelous and this cute ‘bachcha’ character (Ranbir) will convince you to empathize with his changing emotions and you will be happy to forgive him whenever he commits a mistake and does something foolish.
    There is substantial dose of humour (if you have the sense!) and all the characters of the film be it Sanju, Soniya , Rosie aunty they all contribute to it.
    Film begins it’s journey with summer and ends with the freshness of heavy rainfall.
    When rain pours every year, scent in the air is so new and fresh…..this movie will bring the same feeling when i watch it next time….

    March 25, 14
  • The film brings alive the spirit of freedom which lies unexplored among all of us. You may not be able to completely relate with the extremely adventurous passion of the protagonist but it would definitely bring you to a dilemma of it being unrealistic or rational.
    Alia, born and brought up in a rich household gets kidnapped by Randeep (a truck driver) and thereafter a new life begins for Alia.The cinematography is splendid and it proves that there are indeed so many beautiful places in our country lying unexplored. Randeep Hooda really deserves accolades for playing his character as real as one can imagine. His fluency with the colloquial Rajasthani posed with his strong expressions have contributed a lot in building the storyline.
    Alia gives her best shot.She has actually grown leaps and bounds in her performance level in her second film itself which is quite commendable especially at such a young age.
    The film has its’ share of “hard to believe” sequences, however Imtiaz Ali has tried his level best to club it with the harsh realities that prevail all around us. It is quite interesting and emotional to see how Alia and Randeep from extremely different sections of the society understand and empathize with each other’s sorrows.
    I would describe “Highway” as a journey which takes off as an adventure and ends with a life’s goal.Each one of us has that “pataka guddi” within us to introspect and realize that life is very short and we cannot wait for any miracle to happen all by itself. So, follow your heart and enjoy every small happiness that life has given us……..and who knows you may find the ultimate solace at the end of your “Highway”.

    March 24, 14
  • Kangana proves her acting prowess with this movie. You really need to watch her metamorphose into this beautiful butterfly towards the end of her honeymoon journey!!
    The story revolves around this lady – Rani, from a Punjabi dominated area in Rajouri (Delhi) who is all set to marry a guy settled in London.
    She dreams of seeing Paris…Eiffel tower with her loverboy.
    Alas! marriage does not work out but she wants to fulfill her dream of seeing Paris & Amsterdam on her own.
    Her simple and naive character is quite impressive along with a touch of persistence and bravery (her muscle tussle with a thief on a lonely street of Paris is to watch out for!!).
    A girl who has never seen life ahead of going to college and making sweets gradually realises her worth and understands that life is not just about doing things that every human is expected to do but doing things you WANT to do!!
    There are scenes where you naturally tend to empathise with this queen especially when she actually visits Eiffle tower all alone!!
    Beauty of the movie is that there is no “mahatma” guiding her to wade through difficult times, it is she and she alone who trips, falls,struggles, introspects and finally WINS!!
    So go and see her dance the way you have never imagined before!
    QUEEN ne woh thumke lagaye to……..HUNGAMA HO GAYA!!!

    March 15, 14
  • I have never found Sonakshi so beautiful before…thanks to the amazing set of sarees her designer selected for her.But the main beauty of the film lies in the art direction.You will fall in love with the palatial house of the wealthy zamindaar(Sonakshi’s father),the narrow village roads running between paddy fields,the old ambassador in the first half and wooden cottage in dalhousie in the second half.
    The story is in the backdrop of post independence era when wealthy zamindars are on the verge of losing their inheritance to the government.At this juncture,enters Ranveer Singh, the archaelogist who along with his colleague(friend) hires local villagers to perform excavation on one part of the zamindar’s land. Sonakshi tries to woo Ranveer by asking him for painting lessons and when Ranveer struggles with sketches of leaves, the role interchanges with Sonakshi as the teacher and Ranveer as the student.
    Their love blooms but the film does take a U-turn towards the end of the first half.However, there’s a smooth transition in the story from the beginning till the end. Sonakshi has performed well and does show versatility. Ranveer is equally good and he manages to convince you that no matter what a person’s deeds are, he still does have a lot of humanity left within himself.
    Sonakshi’s father and Ranveer’s friend have also been excellent in their characters.
    All in all the film has flavours like seasons in a year. It starts with spring and ends with autumn but mind you the movie is filled with greenery till the end. You should experience this love saga and also enjoy the background score.Not to mention the beautiful songs….especially manmarziyaan and the list goes on…..

    October 06, 13
  • If you have experienced life in Mumbai, then you would easily connect with The lunchbox.
    It takes you into a journey of two lives which are completely different and yet so similar.Their interactions through notes hidden inside a lunchbox not only talk about food but a lot more about life, what has been missed and what can be gained to get happiness.
    There is a lot of humour too …courtesy Nawazuddin. He fits into the character of being Irrfan’s junior in his office so well.He claims that he is an orphan but gives statements like “meri ammi kehti hain..” by reasoning that such statements have more power(dumm) then “meri ammi kehti theen…”
    Irrfan is a christian widower staying alone in his old house with no one to speak to and he finds joy only in relishing the lunchbox he receives everyday. Expressions on his face are so natural that you really feel what he feels.
    Nimrat kaur has been good in her debut movie.She is a homemaker in the movie and speaks to her friend – deshpande aunty (who stays above her flat) through her kitchen window.
    Dabbawallas have also given their shots for this movie. In one scene, a dabbawalla argues with Nimrat that “Harvard wale log study karke gaye aur England ke raja ko bhi hamara kaam achcha laga to apko kaise problem hai?”
    Movie will make you laugh,cry, think and will also make you very hungry.
    Do not miss this masterpiece!

    October 02, 13
  • Best part about this movie is that there are no larger than life characters. It is realistic and unlike any other love saga.
    Sonam looks not only beautiful but also an appropriate fit to her character. She effortlessly matures from a school girl to a college student.
    The surprise package is Dhanush who makes you actually feel emotions he goes through in the movie. His acting is flawless and never even for a second you feel that he is a misfit due to lack of a conventional look or a fluent Hindi diction. In my opinion he can give many Bollywood actor a run for their money.
    Music is splendid …thanks to AR Rehman and the singers.
    One needs to watch it to experience the essence of this movie. So go and watch it!

    June 30, 13