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Wake Up Sid

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Wake Up Sid! is the story of a lazy Mumbai college student who does absolutely nothing, with a turn of events will Sid realize his potential in this world and become a success in the fast-paced life of Mumbai.Wikipedia

Wake Up Sid Reviews

Mayank Shekhar
Hindustan Times


Given the clichéd subject, most importantly, the coolness isn’t fake: something most films pretending to be for or about ‘youth’ don’t quite manage to grasp. You can immediately tell the writer-director (Ayan Mukherjee, a heart-felt debut) has lived though the material. So have the actors. I may not mind living through this again.

Wake Up Sid has its heart in place, but it still doesn't have much of a plot or novelty to rely upon. That's why the dialogues could have done with a little more quirk and nifty humour. Having said that, a superlative Ranbir makes it too darn hard to notice.

Wake Up Sid belongs to Ranbir. The actor is pitch perfect as the dazed and confused Sid. He manages to be infuriating, infantile and loveable in the same moment. We root for him from the minute we see his comic-book socks.

Times News Network
Times Of India


In the end, Wake Up Sid becomes a sort of template of how GenNow navigate their lives: deal with their own little rebellions, find meaning to their own definitions of independence and handle their own set of mistakes. It feels good when the two friends finally meet in driving rain under the grey skies by the sea. Refreshing and heart-warming, Wake Up Sid really puts you in the mood for love.

Reviewer Profile
India Today


...wake up, and go watch Sid and Aisha's sweet little prem kahani. It's not as perfect as the decor in Sid and Aisha's home but it's pretty. Ad yes, the boy gets the girl, a career and his parents too (with their credit card) in the perfect little summation of our consumerist-driven lives.

Taran Adarsh
Bollywood Hungama


WAKE UP SID, directed by debutante Ayan Mukerji, is like revisiting those years that lay at some remote corner of your mind, after you moved on in life. Actually, WAKE UP SID is a slice of life film. It's not merely real in concept, but has also been told most realistically, so much so that you can't help but draw parallels with your life or with someone you know. But what really makes WAKE UP SID most believable is Ranbir Kapoor, who's mastered the craft at such a young age.

We were just getting used to a superficial attitude of making a film about the woman protagonist, but end up seeing the man claim glory. This one is equally Ranbir's and Konkona's. Yes, even though the title of the film contains the protagonist's name. For a long-long time I've been watching out for a Hindi romantic film where the story is about the lead pair. That's it. Their emotions, their turmoil and nothing else. Love Aaj Kal was close and Wake Up Sid comes even closer.


Everything about the film is so fresh (Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy contribute a lot to this) that when the climax finally kicks in with a stock ending borrowed from Hollywood romantic comedies, it leaves you a little disappointed. But then, as you look back at Sid’s journey, you smile and forgive the trappings of the genre. And, Wake Up Sid feels like a fresh morning breeze that wakes you up to a brand new day.

Audience Reviews for Wake Up Sid

  • Nagma
    15 reviews
    Senior Reviewer

    I have really lost count on the number of times I have watched this movie! My husband has not been able to fathom WHY?
    Aayan Mukherjee's debut movie has indeed gifted me with a very enjoyable cinematic experience.
    Siddharth aka Sid (Ranbir Kapoor) is a third year student enjoying all his time and money after his final exams with his friends. His dad (Anupam Kher) tries to pull him out of his slumber by hiring him as a trainee in his company thinking that Sid would start becoming responsible and work hard to become successful. Sadly, Sid is too immature to understand what he needs to do in life. He has no vision, no goals and considers his parents his greatest enemy.
    During this time, he develops friendship with Aisha (Konkana Sen) who has just come from Kolkata in search of a job in her favourite magazine 'Mumbai Mirror' and from here starts their journey towards self-realisation.
    The movie deals very beautifully with the emotions of a young naive boy from an affluent family, heavily dependent on "chhotu" (servant) and his dad's credit card, learning to become self-sufficient.
    It brings to light the fact that no matter which class of society you come from, there is no shortcut to hard work. There is an interesting chemistry between Sid and Aisha...a clear example of why opposites attract each other.
    Acting is marvelous and this cute 'bachcha' character (Ranbir) will convince you to empathize with his changing emotions and you will be happy to forgive him whenever he commits a mistake and does something foolish.
    There is substantial dose of humour (if you have the sense!) and all the characters of the film be it Sanju, Soniya , Rosie aunty they all contribute to it.
    Film begins it's journey with summer and ends with the freshness of heavy rainfall.
    When rain pours every year, scent in the air is so new and fresh.....this movie will bring the same feeling when i watch it next time....

    March 25, 14