• Here’s the Batman vs Superman review.
    Zack Snyder. What the fuck is wrong with you? Even Christopher Nolan will go nuts seeing this. How can you be so naive?
    First, fucked us up in “Man of Steel” and now this.
    The tagline of the movie is “Dawn of Justice” . Probably, it should be “Dusk of DC”
    I haven’t come across a Comic book with this shitty plot. Wait, there’s no plot at all.
    Just action all around. That’s not how you make it. And the Movie is Batman vs Superman, not how it started, the fight.
    Audience showed patience for 2 hours and 33 minutes. And fight got over in 20 minutes.
    Coming to the cast, Ben Affleck? He’s a brilliant actor but trust me Zack Snyder will ruin his career. Henry Cavill plays an Okayish supporting role. Special thanks to Gal Gadot for entertaining all the horny people watching it.
    I heard people saying ,” Bhai, BvS Nolan ka TDK trilogy se better hai. ” Eh?
    Then I realized Donald Trump is going to become the president of US.
    Holy fuck! How on earth can you guys tell that?
    Summing it up, BvS is full of action with no God damn logic of why the war started. The only thing right about the movie is “Batman”.
    “Lol , Superman says the Avengers disappoint everyone.” – Tony Stark

    March 25, 16
  • Now this is called a movie. The theme of the movie is completely different and is worth watching. Please do not think the 123 minutes of the movie to be waste.

    December 19, 15
  • I’ve seen Ghajini, I’ve seen Wanted.+_+
    But NH10 is totally different. It’s trailer proves why the movie is A-rated .
    Based on a Rural Background, NH10 focuses on the Narrow-mindedness of the village folks. The movie shows some unnatural scenes.
    Let’s come to the acting. Neil Bhoopalam, the actor has no important role. Infact, he acts only in the first half of the movie. He’s a actor who should act in a movie like “Happy New Year 2”. Anushka Sharma, has played a role. She has displayed the theme of “Pain of Seperation ” perfectly.
    Lol! I feel Indians are crazy. Some of them brought their small kids. Seriously? For a movie like “NH10”.
    “Women empowerment ” has been portrayed in the movie in the last part.
    The movie’s script is OK. Not that great.

    December 19, 15
  • ” Interstellar ”
    Nolan delivers again. This man’s level of imagination > Sum of Other Directors’ .
    Being a science enthusiast, I found this movie amazing. Perfect.
    Superb performance by McConaughey, Hathaway, and others too.
    And when Nolans being the writers, never worry about the script.

    December 19, 15
  • Well, exams over. You travel to the nearest movie hall to watch Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2.
    You find *No tickets available*
    Is it that great?
    Recommendation:- Boys who are not committed,
    Please empty your money instead of gifting your crush.
    The movie describes the life of three bachelors. They find themselves three blondes.
    But they get out of the shitty relationship and understand that relationships are complicated. Too complicated.
    The dialogues are hilarious.
    “Mein Chokha, relationship mein hoon. Mein aur Saans nahi le pa raha. Marne wala hoon. ”
    And the breathtaking 7- minutes monologue. That makes it a complete movie.
    Fine movie. Watch.

    December 19, 15
  • Cars fly. Zabardast action. Shetty Bhai enjoys. Viewers cry. Dilwale is what I’m talking about.
    SRK-Kajol pair had been extremely successful in 90s and this time they embarrass the entire India.
    What makes the movie disappointing?
    You hit a truck with a good speed, truck flies. Meanwhile, you hit a lady with that speed she gets just a ligament fracture. Wow!
    How to impress a girl? Repair her vehicle. Totally nonsensical idea.

    December 19, 15