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Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2

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Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 is the story of 3 unsuspecting bachelors who fall for the girls of their dreams, or so they think, until the dreams are turned into nightmares. Riding the roller coaster ride of relationships, the three are tortured in their own unique, yet relatable ways.

A notch above Pyaar Ka Punchnama, watch a man's 'better half' tear him apart into halves with Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2.Wikipedia

Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 Reviews


The film is funnier and slightly less misogynistic than 2011's Pyaar Ka Punchnama...Someday we'll get a smart film on the battle of the sexes. Until then, perhaps cheap laughs will have to do..?

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


The first ​had some punch and​ was okay for a bunch of laughs. The sequel is flat and unfunny.

Raja Sen


Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 contains some genuine belly laughs, and would have been perfect were it not for its feature-length running time...

Sweta Kaushal
Hindustan Times


Made on a small budget of about Rs 9 crore, the film might well be a hit and it won’t be surprising at all. Our verdict? Go for the film, have some fun and have a happy weekend.

Kusumita Das
Deccan Chronicle


Without getting into the obvious and tempting misogynist debate, seen just as a film, and not a statement, PKP2 gives us an entertaining and engaging two hours. Heartbroken men or men in general can indulge in some self-pity in this funny whine festival, while us villainous women sit back and belt out a few evil laughs, what else. Let’s reserve our cries of protest for more worthwhile occasions.

About the only relatively likeable performance is delivered by Sunny Singh, who plays the boy who is reduced to running errands for the girl who has him in her thrall.But not all the pyaar in the world can compensate for the pea-brained piffle the film dumps on the audience.

The biggest problem with “Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2″ isn’t that it stereotypes women, it doesn’t even do it in a way that makes you laugh.

Tushar Joshi
DNA India


Yes, it's a guy film about women bashing, but PKP2 has sparks of some brilliant writing, a feel good cast and some hilarious moments that you just can't miss! Watch it with your guy friends to enjoy it the most.

Suhani Singh
India Today


It's an annoying series of rants rather than an entertaining filmThe heroes are frustrated, bullied and unhappy fools in love. The heroines are unsympathetic, unreasonable, temperamental, deceptive and intrusive. It takes over two hours for the men to figure out the mess they are in.

This time around the ‘Punchnaama’ lacks the punch. This anti love story doesn’t impress much.

...packs a solid punch with its unusual, yet relevant storyline. It is a film for youngsters who may patronize it in a big way. Recommended, go for it!

To be fair to the director, while the film is very biased, the humour is never cringe worthy. There are some moments of genuine fun but those aren’t enough to make you overlook the many failings of this romantic comedy.


PKP2 is definitely worth a watch. The misogyny is present, but it stays in the under current. The story is just fantastic. The film is not just relevant to our times, it is a straight laced portrayal of our lives. The frivolity of modern relationships and the ease with which people deceive themselves are all presented with the right dash of humour. This one is definitely an upgrade on its original. And a very good film for youngsters.


...a smartly done nonstop fun that assures satisfaction to its followers - today's teens and yesterday's teens. Go for it.

Suprateek Chatterjee


I have no doubt that this movie will do well at the box-office, which means that we can expect this to turn into a franchise that employs lesser-known, largely mediocre actors and uses misogyny as its Khan. To paraphrase Neil Armstrong, that’s one small step for Lokhandwala’s economy, and one giant leap backward for womankind (not to mention cinema).

It’s a fun, one-time watch. And to its credit, it is straight, simple and clear about its intentions, unlike a few ‘modern’ ones that begin on a woman-friendly note, but actually end up belittling them.

Audience Reviews for Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2

  • Saheb Abdullah
    Saheb Abdullah
    82 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    This is a very enjoyable movie for Boys.Girls will definitely hate it to the core though as it shows them in negative light.The comedy, dialogues is used wisely, the story is pretty much same as previous one.Though i missed Liquid but these 3 aren't bad.

    May 06, 16
  • Rakshit Raina
    Rakshit Raina
    35 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    Its better than the first one, though that doesn't say much !

    October 28, 15
  • Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
    258 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    Moms are the best: That's the moral of story which is obviously similar to its prequel.

    Three ultra rich bachelors have it easy to woo and subsequently date three hot women, and as they begin their relationships find it hard to cope with the perils. But don't worry, all that happens in these so-called relationships is nothing like what happens in reality. Exaggerated instances of girlfriend pampering, gold digging like it's the end of the world, pretentious party-sex-sex-party brawls are some of the elements that the story uses to create humor. While the first half is periodic and comic, the second is dramatic and overlong.

    That (all) women who enter a relationship are in for the perks is the main theme of the Punchnama films, and in here, the theme has been remodeled with sexier men and women, plush apartments, Apple products, and mild sexism. Had the narrative added women's viewpoints, I would have rated more generously.

    Familiar one-liners, anti-climactic second act, and lack of visual sex scenes is what salvages the whole movie from becoming a putrid bore. The jokes are on women, and men's struggle in wooing them; and it is funny to a certain point. If you are not a purely platonic couple and do make love to each other on the kitchen bench, and like to watch (or re-watch) six hot people analyzing stereotypes about modern romance, this one is for you.

    BOTTOM LINE: Pyaar Ka Punchnaam 2 is a sexier version of Pyaar Ka Punchnama (2011) which believes that it is easier to score in India, and that Moms are the best people to say "I Love You" to.

    GRADE: D+

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? NO

    Profanity: Medium

    October 17, 15
  • Bindu Cherungath
    Bindu Cherungath
    126 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    Pyaar ka Punchnama 2 is a sequel to 2011 film Pyaar ka Punchnama by Luv Ranjan. He was successful in making a youth rom-com. It was a fresh perspective with contemporary takes on love, twists, and turns. Luv Ranjan tries the same formulae in this sequel too, but according to me, it is highly disappointing. The humour occasionally does generate some laughter, but for most part of the movie, it just falls flat. It is a one-sided take by Luv Ranjan. According to him, the girls manipulate, exploit the boys. Although both the movies are misogynistic in nature, this sequel’s approach does not create any magic. It is a sort of running commentary on why relationships with women are impossible. Pyaar ka Punchnama 2 though follows the same path and same theme as that of its prequel, its laughter quotient is far less than its prequel.

    The film begins with the three bachelor friends Anshul aka Gogo (Karthik Aaryan), Siddharth aka Chauka (Sunny Singh), and Tarun aka Thakur (Omkar Kapoor) trapped in traffic while on their way to a bar. They stay together, well-placed professionally, although Tarun being the most highly paid amongst the trio. For all the three boys, life is all about working hard as well as partying hard.

    Spicing up their lives, enter three girls into the scene. Anshul meets Ruchika aka Chiku (Nushrat Bharucha). It was almost a love at first sight where Anshul confidently shares his number and even asks her to make a tattoo in his name. Siddharth identifies his girl-friend Supriya (Sonnalli Sehgall). Tarun aka Thakur (Omkar Kapoor) finds his girl-friend Kusum (Ishita Raj) in gym. The scenes, where Tarun meets Kusum and letches at her, is difficult to tolerate.

    All the three girls are of three different nature. Chiku is from a high-profile family, who is shopaholic, has her own style of living, does not mind even having her ‘male best friend’ share flat or room. Chiku feels that her boyfriend shall be always available to take her as well as her friends for shopping, beauty parlours. Supriya is from a middle class conservative family, who is afraid to commit in love because of her parents. Kusum is independent-spirited, always conscious of sharing the bills (which is non-negotiable for her), keeps on sharing her concern over Tarun spending his money over his friends.

    How the three couples’ relationships are projected in the movie? What all complications arise? Who takes the control of the relationships? Do the boys find the girls cool even after dating as they appeared to be initially? The film does mention the fakeness with which the facebook relationship status and profile photographs are updated. The boys blabbering and complaining about the girls’ behaviour and regret of their freedom being curbed generates laughter in parts, but most of time, these are bit annoying and irritating. What is the fate of these three relationships, do these survive?

    I agree with the theme which is shown in the film that relationships need to evolve, and are not always bed of roses. But my problem is with the one-sided track of the film, why only females are made responsible for the ill-fate of the relationships? Having tried boys’ perspective in the prequel, Luv Ranjan could have tried a balanced perspective in this film.

    As far as the performances are considered, we have seen this Karthik and Nashrut in the earlier version as well. Sunny has definitely given an entertaining performance and Omkar Kapoor is also good. As far as Ishita and Sonnalli are concerned, their performances are fine. Music disappoints. It is absolutely average.

    Pyaar ka Punchnama 2 may manage to entice people who genuinely have some vendetta against women. It is very much one-sided track which makes the female appear evil, manipulative, and exploitative. It is very much from males’ perspectives only.

    October 16, 15