• Bring out the popcorn, grab a cola and get ready for 2 and a half hours of laughs, songs, color, emotions, and spoofs. If you’re a fan of the Indian film industry and have kept up with the news, Om Shanti Om is for you.
    If you love entertainment to the max, OSO is definitely for you! Farah Khan’s Om Shanti Om spares nobody, not even its makers when it comes to poking fun. OSO is a film about films, it’s a film in a film and above all, it’s made to celebrate the biggest film producing industry – The Indian Film Industry.
    Om Prakash is a junior artist who thrives to become a lead hero one day. He is a horrible actor and has a mother who hams more than him. Om has another dream: To win over a star, Shanti-Priya. One circumstance leads to another which leads to Om being a witness to the death of Shanti by producer Mukesh Mehra. Om also gets killed in the incident. That same night, Om is reborn as Om Kapoor. Will Om realize his past-life? Will he avenge Shanti’s death? As the tagline suggests: For some dreams, one life-time is not enough.
    OSO has a done-to-death story. But that’s not the point. The film is a parody of films and the ones working in it. Notice the spoofs on the yesteryear stars such as Manoj Kumar. A controversial scene but one can’t deny it’s hilarious. Not to forget spoofs on Govinda, Keshtu Mukherjee, and Suraj Bharjateeyaa. Of course the most memorable comic scene has to be SRK pretending to be a south Indian actor. “Mind It” OSO’s first half is gripping and keeps the viewer alert. The drama folds the right way. The second half loses steam at times. It’s not bad, but unlike Farah’s first film where the second half competed well with the first, it stars to slow down a bit. It picks back up, fortunately.
    The spoofs aren’t less hilarious in the second half. The film pokes fun of a lot of celebs and Indian film industry issues. To start, SRK being late is a spoof on himself being late to sets in real life. Not to forget the whole dard-e-disco song is a spoof on item numbers. The high point of the second half has to be the award ceremony. The spoof on Abhishek Bachchan is subtle yet funny. SRK doing the same roles and being nominated is remarkably funny. Not to forget Akshay KUmar’s outburst at the awards is aplaudworthy and rib-tickling. Subash Ghai-Rishi Kapoor spoof is funny too.
    Flaws? As mentioned, the second half falters in some parts. Also, SRK remembering his past so quickly seems rushed and unconvincing.
    The climax, however, is a pleasant surprise.
    Special Mention – The Deewangee song is a treat to the eyes. 31 stars in one song is no joke and they all look nothing short of spectacular. Special mention to the ones that caught my eye with their appearance. Dharmendra, Jatendra, Kajol, Salman, Saif, Sanju, Rekha etc all do well alongside Shah Rukh Khan.
    Farah Khan and her team of writers have put some genius into parts of the movie. The writing is witty, smart, and quite innovative. Dilague is first rate.
    Vishal-Shekar’s music is amazing. With a variety of songs in one film, they do a wonderful job.
    Farah’s direction is first rate. She handles all the moments with ease. It’s not a better film than Main Hoon Na, but still a good job.
    In 2007, 3 months before OSO released; SRK unleashed the actor in him and kept the star away in a movie called Chak De India. In OSO, it’s the opposite. OSO is a film where SRK can chill and not worry about the criticism. His performance is explosive and energetic. In this, it’s SRK the superstar unleashed. And kudos to him for also poking fun at himself despite being the producer of this one.
    Deepika makes a grand debut and I’m sure she couldn’t have asked for anything else. She looks gorgeous and makes a good debut. Arjun Rampal is spectacular as the villain here. Brilliant.
    The supporting cast does well too which includes the lovable Shreyas Talpade, the scene-stealing Kirron Kher and Javed Sheikh.
    Overall, A grand film which has one objective – Entertainment!

    January 27, 17
  • After copying all his films from foreign films (mostly koreans), Sanjay Gupta shud die in a handful of water. The south korean films r the best in the revenge genre.
    So this time Sanjay wanted to convey to the koreans, see v can make a better revenge movie than u. V can make a physically disabled guy go on a revenge spree.
    To be honest, this time he copied from a tamil film, Iravu suriyan n added a dash of Korean film Broken. Saw this alone in a theatre. Sadly no one gav me company. Firstly Hrithik cannot act. No doubt he is a good dancer but v r talking about actors n not dancers. There r dozens of better dancers on the streets of UK n US. I mean what was the need to add a dance sequence in a movie whr the leads r shown as physically disabled. Is he that obsessed n narcissistic about himself being a dancer. One thing i wanna ask the director. The leads r not shown as learning the particular dance or being the practitioners of it n voila suddenly they start dancing without quite having learnt it. The first half is boring. The plot is melodramatic at its best n more like the 80s a la Rape- Revenge. I thot it was always Mithundas sister getting raped n how revenge follows. In one 90s film, Devgans sister too is raped n revenge follows. Dude, recently even in one Salmans film, his sister gets raped. So this time Hrithiks sister, oops his wife gets raped by some powerful people n ….

    January 27, 17
  • Raees is an extraordinary piece of work under Rahul Dholakia’s direction. Shah Rukh Khan and Nawazzuddin have done their part so properly that it can hold the audience in the theatre.
    The best part of the film was screenplay. Indian filmmakers usually try to make a crime drama with lots of twists in it, a major twist and a lot of flashbacks to show their story interesting but unlike other screenwriters Rahul Dholakia and team tried to show a story more realistically in a straight way with each scene after the next with the incidents that has to happen after the other. everything was shown in an order. Rahul Dholakia’s direction was good as well as he portrayed the screenplay properly without giving much time to each incident and keeping entertainment in songs and action and not in the real part of the film. Actions were pretty unrealistic though and music and backscore was awesome from Ram Sampat. The kind of crime drama Dholakia portrayed touched the taste of martin scorsese’s “taxi driver” and “departed” which are said boring by much Indian viewers but are considered as great movies. He was not completely successful but he almost reached. The direction was good for one more reason because none of the scenes were predictable. The dialogues were good as well. If action scenes would not have been in the film or more realistic action scenes would have been shown then it could have been an unmatchable bollywood crime drama film

    January 27, 17
  • FAN is Shah Rukh Khan’s best performance till date. His Aryan Khanna is Excellent but his Gaurav Chandana is better. This is the SRK I grew up watching. He can’t really top this one.
    Kudos to the VFX and the prosthetic team for the make up. Maneesh Sharma’s direction was brilliant. The story is different. The dialogues are very very good. Habib Faisal has done a good job with the dialogues. The costumes are dope for Gaurav . The editing is crisp and the screenplay is Fantastic. The movie has no songs(That was a bummer) The cinematography was exceptional, great locations. Since, the movie is completely focused on Aryan and Gaurav, the supporting cast don’t have much to do. It’s good seeing a movies like this is being made. Something different.
    It won’t be a great success at the Box Office as it’s a dark movie.
    The flaw what I found was the Special Effects in the first Chase Sequence- You’ll notice it.
    Well one of the best movies SRK has ever acted in. 9ish/10

    November 30, 16
  • style. This time entirely abroad.
    Good one liners, nicely shot actions scenes and an interesting story. Farhan is exceeding expectations every time and creating a brand for his style of making action films. Watching it in 3D was even more convincing.
    Background score though, seems to be Farhan’s favorite since it hears the same as in Don/Lakshya. But like before the slickly shot film goes very well it and has become like fast-paced carol.
    Watching Don 2 should be definitely on your “to do” list for the holidays. Absolutely pure cinematic entertainment

    November 29, 16
  • Ra.One is definitely the best film of all time.The way it has used all the elements of an entertainer,it deserves not just praise,but also a watch by all ages.
    The way of imagining a game in real life,and that too a superhero game in which the villain is comparatively more powerful than the hero is amazing and heart winning.The VFX and action,along with a tight story and screenplay, music,performances make it a sure shot winner,which not only entertains but also wins hearts.The concept of bringing virtual characters into the real world using their action figures and computers is a thing I’d surely appreciate.I won’t say much as I have already described how much I liked this movie.
    On the whole,RA.One is the finest film that comes from the Indian film industry that deserves repeated watches and praises.A HART winner!

    November 29, 16
  • The movie was already the most hotly anticipated film of the year when it was announced in March because it is finally the third directorial outing of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Mohabbatein director Aditya Chopra.
    Aditya’s films always turn out to be good and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is his next movie 8 years after Mohabbatein.
    The story is about an ‘odd’ couple played by Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma who find true love in the backdrop of a dance competition called “Dancing Jodi”. Surinder Sahni (Shahrukh Khan), a man working for Punjab Power, who falls in love with Taani (Anushka Sharma) the flamboyant, fun-loving, vivacious girl for whom the whole world is her canvas and she paints her own life with the colours of rainbow all until unforeseen circumstances changes it all and brings them together. They get married and lead a not-so happy life due to huge age difference between Surinder and Taani. Taani, meanwhile, wants to participate in a reality dance show called “Dancing Jodi,” which is the main backdrop of the movie. The dance contest showcases couples of all races, colours, backgrounds and sexual preferences. Taani wants to take part for the show, but she is not able to due to her husband’s lack of fashion statement. Later on when Surinder finds out about his wife’s wish to participate in the reality dance show, he undergoes a major change. Taani keeps falling in love with her changed husband.
    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is such a beautiful film that touches your heart that makes you cry and laugh in some points like Shahrukh against a sumo wrestler. Some of my friends thought that it looked rubbish because in the promos Shahrukh Khan had a moustache, and comb over and was wearing bad cloths but is truly the best the best Bollywood movie of the year after a long list of turkeys. It is also the first Shahrukh film of the year and before this he made special appearances in Krazzy 4 and Bhootnath.
    The music is brilliant although they can’t match with the classic soundtracks of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Mohabbatein but there were about 5 songs and every single song was good and I don’t know what the best songs are.
    It is a must see unless you do not like Shahrukh or have a heart of stone because there is no way you are going to like it.

    November 29, 16
  • Nice story with great srk acting and music

    November 29, 16
  • Everyone knows that this is another classic film of this year. The movie – Pink shows us about the freedom of a girl, her choices and her decisions, with a little bit of negativity around her. But, this film offers you only positive vibes.
    Directed by Gauri Shinde, who earlier made English Vinglish, comes up with a really fresh concept. Starring the leading actress of this generation, Alia Bhatt & the superb actor Shah Rukh Khan.
    What should a girl do to find out a perfect match for her, what are her fears, her break-ups and link-ups, her relations with her family members, especially when she had a dull past in her kitty, and then how to overcome all the worries of life with a smile and be happy! – This is what the film is.
    If you loved English Vinglish type films, than you will give it 5 out of 5. Otherwise don’t go to make some noise with your chit-chats, that irritates a lot to a true viewer. I’m happy that I didn’t face it in this film.
    What to tell about the performance! I mean, Alia was extraordinary in Udta Punjab, so I think she would get the award for that film. I guess, this film would get her nominations in all the ceremony, for sure. She is just a cutie-pie. I’m declaring her the best actress of this generation. SRK is at his best. After Fan, this is again a power-booster for his so called Changed Filmography which was started with Fan. After this, Raees and The Ring are there, so all the fans, just come up to applause his choices.
    Every other actors are totally good with their respective roles. But, I would like to mention Ali Zafar. This guy is such a talented man. His voice quality is superb. He plays a suitable role to his real life. All songs are like cherries on the cake. Amit Trivedi had given the music to suit the situation and the though of the lyrics. While, Kausar Munir as a lyric writer is also good, as three songs are in my mind right now, Just Go To Hell O Dil, Taareefon Se & Love You Zindagi.
    Cinematography is perfect. Set-ups, locations of Goa, costumes – everything just comes to the place perfectly, and that’s why the film looks so fresh and engaging.
    The best part of the film is its dialogues. Especially those which are spoken by Dr. Jehangir Khan, that is SRK. “Don’t let your past blackmail your present to ruin your future.” All the girls out there, just go for it. All the members of that so called ‘Society’ has to definitely go and watch this. Every broken heart wants a nurture, and Dear Zindagi will provide you that. Kudos and cheers to the entire team!

    November 29, 16