• Rohit Bhatnagar
    Rohit Bhatnagar
    Deccan Chronicle


    Watch 3 Storeys for an unconventional treatment and short length which is rare in Hindi movies.

  • 3 Storeys is a movie of endless surprises: There’s one murder, one giant regret re-lived and regurgitated, and one devastating catastrophe that comes out of nowhere. But none of these high-points has any room for discharge.

    The dead man and the wailing lovers, all seem to be holding it back for the fear that the neighbours may hear them.

  • Lasyapriya Sundaram
    Lasyapriya Sundaram
    Times Of India


    3 Storeys cleverly demonstrates the art of skillfully telling a story wherein all the loose ends of a plot are tied together into a neat whole. Watch it because fact is stranger than fiction, but fiction when narrated well, can make movie watching an immersive experience.

  • The only grouch I have is a couple of songs and scenes that pace down the film and make it a bit lengthy. A sharper edit could have made it even more exciting, but that shouldn’t stop you from watching 3 Storeys.

  • But the film, hook, line and sinker, or rather, all three storeys of it, is dominated (and how!) by Renuka Shahane Rana as Flory aunty. As the wigged, middle-aged and feisty Christian lady with a private agenda (the only story here that packs a whopping wallop!), she proves that for a consummate actor, absence from work is no deterrent for a whacko, truly awe-inspiring performance. She gets in this extra half-star to an otherwise strictly average film.