• The film is largely gripping. The subject is well chosen and creates an awareness about our heroic tax officials. It will make for an entertaining, educating watch this weekend, however, I wish it dealt with it a tad more seriously.

  • The only grouch I have is a couple of songs and scenes that pace down the film and make it a bit lengthy. A sharper edit could have made it even more exciting, but that shouldn’t stop you from watching 3 Storeys.

  • The film is largely shot in London. Hashtag International Embarrassment!! You wonder where the money comes from that the franchise is now in its fourth international sequel? Well there were twelve other people who decided to begin their Friday mornings watching Hate Story IV. You figure now, how?! 

  • In short, if wife slandering jokes that you get on whatsapp are your thing, you would roll in laughter. Else maintain a safe distance from it.

  • If you were aware of 1921, my sympathies. If you weren’t, the ignorance is indeed bliss.

  • To give its due, the film is song less, doesn’t resort to the usual Bollywood nonsense of item numbers and is relatively tighter. A seamless smarter integration of its sub plots and a reasoned out story would have made Ittefaq far slicker!! 

  • Golmaal Again is packed with so many sub-plots that at one point, you may find yourself losing track of what the core is all about. But clearly, the writer’s intention is not to convince you. The lead stars have enough chemistry and charisma to make you stay put in the theatre and you won’t regret the three hours spent watching this one. 
    If however, you like to take your brains with you to the movies, this Golmaal might not be the way to spend a memorable Diwali.

  • Secret Superstar is a bit unbelievable, like Insia’s video getting 30 million views. I mean yeh kuch jyada ho gaya…but these are minor hiccups in an otherwise beautiful film. Go watch it with family this Diwali.

  • An old man on a wheelchair has an oxygen mask. Raja feels choked and gasps for breath. He snatches the poor man’s mask and helps himself. The old man starts jumping in his seat. If you did not find that funny, stay away from Judwaa 2. If you found that hilarious, then consult a doctor. 

  • I almost feel the need of a film sorbet. I want to watch Pink again to cleanse the bad taste Bhoomi left me with. Yet I suggest you must go and watch Bhoomi because, no matter how contrived and superficial, it’s a comment on an issue that we all must talk about.   

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