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Algorithms is a documentary on the thriving but little known world of blind chess in India. Filmed for over three years, Algorithms travels with four talented blind chess players and their story of competing in national and world level chess championships.The movie moves through the maze of the blind chess world and reveals the daily life struggles, anxieties and hopes of these players.

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It’s a setup that’s not meant to evoke a special feeling. But that’s exactly what it does. It takes a tedious and technical sport like chess and it humanizes it to the point where a calculated game of probability turns into a game of chance and fate. It’s rare to see such transcendence in a film. And that’s exactly why this should be watched and cherished by every movie buff out there.

Three young blind chess players and their coach leave you inspired...

Juhi Matta


If you an avid chess lover and wish to see the game in a completely different light, Algorithms is the perfect documentary to watch this weekend.

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