• Prashast Singh
    Prashast Singh
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    Dark, thrilling, emotional, great entertainer.

    I watched the UA rated version of the film on TV, instead of theatre or DVD, as in case of other films. Now, keeping this apart and coming to the review, let me begin from here: Indian cinema doesn't always mean stylish entertainment, there is a typical Indian cinema also. Sriram Raghavan's action film BADLAPUR is that film. There were various reasons why I wanted to watch it: I always wanted to see a dark action film, I wanted to see Varun Dhawan in a dark role, which beard and moustache, of course, and also because it was a different revenge film, as I felt from the trailer.

    BADLAPUR is a film which highlights that revenge doesn't quench the thirst of either the killer or the one who's willing to seek revenge. The film has a social message hidden within itself. It's not difficult to understand it, and one will surely agree with what the director Raghavan is trying to say. Varun Dhawan is the guy who has surprised with his dark yet brilliant performance, wonder how he pulled the role of a 40 year old man when he's himself of 27-28 in real life. He looks like an angry action hero who's always willing to fight, and the one whose thirst for revenge is visible through his eyes. Nawazuddin : I mean, what an actor! No one can ever complain that he doesn't act well. He's the man who takes the story further. His performance is natural, and it's hardly felt as if he's "trying" to act. Other actors, like Vinay Pathak, Huma Qureshi, Radhika Apte, Divya Dutta and a few more main actors of this film do their parts very well.

    The film's visuals are splendid. The cinematography is like the one done for an art film. The visual effects are also in sync with the sequences. The action sequences, which are one of the biggest plus points, are excellent. In an action film, it's necessary to have a sort of perfection, and the action of BADLAPUR is not just realistic but also brilliant.

    The music is another plus point. The songs like Jee Karda and Jeena Jeena are the best ones that will remain with the audiences. The story and screenplay is truly amazing, brilliant, wonderful, excellent....what should I say? I have never seen such a different revenge film at all. The dialogues are also good, and the editing of the film is razor sharp, the locations are beautiful, and the background music score is also terrific.

    Besides, let me clear one thing. Those who are thinking to avoid BADLAPUR only for the fact that it's excessively violent and full of adult scenes need not to worry. You can watch it on TV, of course, I agree there would be a lot of ad breaks, but still on TV, the film is suitable for watching by the youngsters as well. The film has came out with a UA certificate and thus the question of being an unsuitable film goes away.

    The film is the result of a genius behind it: Sriram Raghavan, the man who deserves the credit for bringing in great actors, and presenting a wonderful story with a good message for the viewers.

    Overall, BADLAPUR is a good action film that has everything, almost everything in its favour : Good actors, powerful screenplay, brilliant action and pleasant music. Means, there's nothing to avoid at all. If you like dark, thrilling, emotional, and action packed entertainers, then you must go for BADLAPUR. However, watching the A or UA rated version is your choice. You know mine, and I leave it to you, to decide yours.

    July 17, 17
  • Saheb Abdullah
    Saheb Abdullah
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    Very Very Good..More Than Varun, It Is Nawazuddin Who Rocks

    This Movie Have Depth, Revenge, Change, Violence, Shades.Loved It

    May 01, 16
  • Lasit Roy
    Lasit Roy
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    Only for siddique

    Barun was like a muted tv, stupid expression, acting. Very weak. But Siddique holds it to the level of my impression.

    November 28, 15
  • Bubbly
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    BADLAPUR: It Is Nawaz's Show All The Way

    Well, well. Until now, 2015 has delivered only duds. But BADLAPUR is a diamond that shines amidst a slew of usual slush. The credit for it partially goes to director Sriram Raghavan(Ek Hasina Thi 2004, Johnny Gaddaar 2007, Agent Vinod 2012) for a taut thriller, that occasionally gives in for lack of story and narrative. But still the thriller genre that it is, it does have its moments and the yawning public gets their dose of rushing adrenaline. It could have been better, no doubt but at least there is something that keeps you awake and interested instead of the usual boring movies.

    Badlapur is actually a town and nagar panchayat in Jaunpur district, MP. But the town has no connection to the movie's namesake place. The name is for the sole reason of revenge. And violent revenge saga it is. This is the first time after a long time, I want to write this story.

    Raghu(Varun Dhawan, 27), an advertising executive has a beautiful life

    with wife Misha(Yami Gautam, 26) and son Robin. But a spanner is put in it when an unexpected fatal bank robbery leaves his wife and son dead. Raghu himself never comes to terms with his life. He is dead. What keeps him alive is REVENGE with a capital R. One of the robbers Liak(Nawazuddin Siddiqui, 40) is caught while escaping. He confesses to inspector(Govind Mishra) and puts the blame on his partner Harman(Vinay Pathak, 46) for the killings and escaping with the booty. Liak is sent to 20 years in jail. Inspector(Govind Mishra) cannot do much. But Raghu consumed by rage hires a private detective Joshi(Ashwini Kalsekar, 45), who finds Liak's girlfriend and sex worker Jhimli/Shabnam(Huma Qureshi, 28).

    15 years pass. Liak is diagnosed with cancer. An NGO worker / prisoner counselor Shobha(Divya Dutta, 37) tells Raghu to let bygones be bygones. Liak's mother(Pratima Kazmi) tells Raghu about Harman, who now runs a successful seafood restaurant Konkan Queen. Raghu befriends Harman's simple wife Koko(Radhika Apte, 29), who is unaware of her husband's past. Raghu brutally ends koko and Harman's life. Liak comes to collect his share of the loot and faces Raghu. Liak admits to killing Raghu's wife. Liak has a change of heart and takes the onus of Harman / Koko's killings on his own head. Liak dies. But Raghu lives minus the rage and any motive in his life.

    The movie is a male triangle with Varun, Nawaz and Vinay. Varun does a fine job but the angst and simmering rage that should emanate from him is missing. The depth and maturity that is required to deal with Raghu's character, isn't there. This could be put to his lack of experience

    and inadequate guidance. Considering the number and type of movies he has done until now, this movie is a refreshing change. He has taken a risk to attempt this movie and if guided well, Varn will develop into a fine actor. That leaves the field open for Nawaz, who continues with his KICK role. His kinky, maniacal and care-a-damn attitude is a revelation again. While in jail, he doesn't mind needling dangerous inmate Guru(Murali Sharma). Although Vinay hasn't been given much publicity, it is good to see him back. He is a foil to Nawaz.

    Although the movie is a male show, if we look on the other side, it is the women, who hold the show. Yami and Radhika play the simple housewives, who get involved in ploys of someone else's making. Why did they die? Why did fate deal a cruel blow to Raghu's happy life? All the characters live half lives. Huma leaves when Liak dies. Varun has no life sans family and finally his rage is quietened with the two robbers' deaths. But does rage and revenge give him peace? The women are actually the backbone of this movie, who silently piece together the movie. Both Varun and Yami have a long way to go. With time, both will mature. They make a fine pair.

    Pakistani singer Atif Aslam was missing from the singing scene. He returns with a bang with Jeena Jeena song. It is simply superb. Jee Karda and Judaai are other hummable numbers that will stay with us for a long time. To keep up with the theme of revenge, there is Badla Badla. Finally, the message is loud and clear - Crime never pays. As an audience, you will not be disappointed with the show. It fills in the lacuna left behind by the other lackadaisical shows. Go for it. And "Don't Miss The Beginning."

    May 21, 15
  • Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
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    The first five minutes will grasp you into the demanding screenplay, coming straight to the point of a detestable, unnecessary crime; no wonder the tag-line goes "Don't Miss The Beginning." Misha (Gautam in a blink-and-you-miss role) and her son are the victims during a robbery attempt by Liak (Siddiqui) and his accomplice Harman (Pathak). As a result, her spouse Raghu (Dhawan) seeks revenge. While the story is the best example of a perfect cliché, one should not get carried away with the constructed outline, for there lies more real entertainment in the following story arcs, that are equally brilliant as the opening sequence.

    The story is an elaborate narration of the aftermath of a crime. Like they say - in wake of a death, the living suffer the most - it is true, and in here, Raghu spirals into a state of devastation. Addressing issues of letting-go and life ethics, the plot leaves the questions to its audience. However, its audacious definition of what is right and what is wrong is what makes Badlapur a massively entertaining and thought-provoking film. The prime issue of self-righteousness is blasted into our senses as the anti-hero protagonist sets out on a vengeance. And, vengeance stories are always worth watching. The institution of incarceration and its effects are also thrown light into, which partially forms the base of the concluding half.

    Although most of the film is brisk and unadulterated, it does have its share of downs. Firstly, the way the film is narrated slightly causes to lose its overall sheen as a single moralistic story. The emotions at the beginning are confusingly abnormal, sex scenes (sorry CBFC) are funny, and the villain is fairly dumb, which cannot be overlooked even if it was intentional. Siddiqui plays a shameless rogue but is not as smart (as the character) as his characterization frames him to be. Plus, the passably long running time further dwindles the overall effect. But, one will feel one's heart in one's mouth only when the screenplay takes you on an unpleasant trip to the final fifty minutes. After that, the tiring frames will not allow you to succumb to tiredness. And that is the single effect why I am ready to forgo these bad patches. And I am happy with the references to classics like John Sturges's The Great Escape (1963) & Vince Gilligan's Breaking Bad (2008).

    Dhawan is unnatural at the beginning, but quickly picks up his role, mainly during the transition. His non-comic role, thus, impresses, along with Pathak's. Dutta and Apte put up a good show, and so does Qureshi. Siddiqui is typecast, and honestly, I am bored. And, let Gautam play the smart, Shakespeare-quoting wife here, I will always associate her with the bleach-y Fair & Lovely beauty cream. Overall, the cast performance is commendable.

    BOTTOM LINE: All said and done, Badlapur is a very brave attempt by an inventive filmmaker. Of course, it defines a new-wave genre in Bollywood, which if watered properly, will lead to future masterpieces

    April 08, 15
  • Bindu Cherungath
    Bindu Cherungath
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    बदलाPur, a revenge saga with a difference. Watch it for Nawazuddin and Varun’s performances.

    बदलाPur, Sriram Raghavan’s movie, a story of revenge. Its tagline says – “Don’t miss the beginning”, but I think, it should have been – “Don’t miss the end”, since last five minutes make the movie different from the usual revenge dramas. Definitely the style of presentation of Badlapur has been done in a different manner altogether. The movie has its own moments of darkness, grief, sadness etc. Kudos to the Nawazuddin iddiqui and Varun Dhawan for their performances. Yes, there are moments, when one gets in touch with Varun’s sadness, grief and inner turmoil. Also, there are moments when one gets to love as well as hate Nawazuddin.

    The movie begins with Misha (Yami Gautam) and her son becoming the target of unfortunate circumstances which occurred during a bank robbery. Liak (Nawajuddin) and Harman (Vinay Pathak) did the robbery together and threatened Misha and used her vehicle to flee. Misha’s resistance resulted in two deaths – hers as well as her son. Broken and grief stricken Raghav aka Raghu, Misha’s husband (Varun Dhawan - a successful ad professional), finds it really difficult to cope up with the unfortunate incidents. Liak asks Harman to run away with the money. Liak is nabbed but he doesn’t open his mouth about the partner’s name and whereabouts. Raghu himself goes to meet him, but is not successful in extracting the information from him. Liak appears to be harmless, but puts the blame of the murder on his accomplice without actually disclosing the name. Then, he chooses to go to Jhumli (Huma Quershi -Liak’s girl friend) and exploit her to get the information, but all efforts in vain. Finally Liak is convicted for the bank robbery and gets punishment for 20 years in prison. Frustrated Raghu, in his failure to understand the real culprit of his family’s murder, shifts to a place called Badlapur. And then the wait starts. The movie moves further to explore what happens to these characters after 15 years.

    Is Raghu able to understand, who is the real culprit? Does he take his revenge or he is able to forgive the culprit along with the passage of time? How does Liak move forward? What happens to Harman, Liak’s partner-in-crime? Does Liak get back his money from Harman and also Jhumli in his life? Watch the movie to explore the unfolding of this revenge saga.

    Plus Points: Superb performances by Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Varun Dhawan. Varun has experimented with a different genre and he has excelled in it. Nawazuddin is simply brilliant, what a body language. Huma is also very good. Radhika Apte as Koko (Harman’s wife) and Divya Dutta are also good.

    Violence erupts only intermittently in spite of the fact that the name of movie is Badlapur.

    The song Jeena Jeena by Atif Aslam is too good.

    The last few frames are also very good.

    Minus Points: Lot of scenes are inserted without any specific logic viz. Raghu establishing physical relationship with Jhumli and Shobha.बदलाPur, a revenge saga with a difference. Watch it for Nawazuddin, Varun.

    February 20, 15
  • Himanshu pandey
    Himanshu pandey
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    "badla" pur : what is the essence of revenge?

    oh..missing that Mumbai's central line,..anyway lets back to some re-- view..
    when ''shri raam''(the director) himself was anchoring this feisty roller, it had to level the potholes of our bollywoodished cliched cinema..and certainly it did..kudos to ensemble cast...i still think varun was mis cast in pre interval ''raghu'' bt post interval he got into the skin and marvelled in those scary swagger in particular...yammy,huma,divya everybdy was awesome...undoubtedly show stealer was nawaj who brilliantly played his character to the T. movie often gets slow at times only to quickly recover d lost adrenalin the next moment..story was predictable sans some palatable twists bt the treatment it got was new to our sachharine ,over the top cinema, be it dialogues or intimate scenes or skin show etc.
    The tag line says dont miss the beginning bt i would say dnt miss the feel of climax..it has the ultimate essence..we all somewhere may relate to that...dont forget to feel this unflinching journey

    September 25, 15
  • Raj Chugh
    Raj Chugh
    4 reviews

    Badlapur is a story about revenge. Directed by Agent Vinod’s director Sriram Raghavan, and starring Varun Dhawan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Huma Qureshi, Yami Gautam and Divya Dutta, this thriller drama narrates the story of Raghu (Dhawan), and how his life falls into pieces when his wife and son are killed in a bank robbery. One of the robbers, Liak (Siddiqui), is caught by the police and sent to jail, but his partner escapes with the money. Filled with anger and distress, Raghu devotes his life to take revenge on those who destroyed his world and will wait 15 years to fulfil his revenge, his “badla”.
    Raghavan put together a very dynamic story. From the opening scene until the end, the story is well-paced, with just enough time to assimilate what is happening before moving onto the next plot twist. All characters, from

    See the full article on Bollyspice »

    September 01, 16
  • Gurjant Rai
    Gurjant Rai
    8 reviews


    The source material does all the magic. This film is adapted from the writing of Massimo Carlotto. He's considered to be one of the darkest crime novelists in the world. His ideas make Badlapur one grim tale. The basic story, the very crux of the idea is the most superlative feature of this film

    September 01, 16
  • Rahul RD
    Rahul RD
    5 reviews

    This film will definitely shake your morality values. WATCH it.

    April 05, 15
  • Nafees
    3 reviews

    “To err is human,to not forgive is Badlapur.”

    If John le Carré would have born in India and asked to write a revenge thriller-drama, definitely he would have written something like ‘Badlapur’. Like John le Carré’s espionage novels, which had unheroic, morally ambiguous characters having undercurrent of psychological tone, Badlapur is the character study of psychology of two common men,who are conned by their luck. Unlike many revenge drama saga, Sriram Raghavan constructs the story devoid of all cliches, not falling into the conventional traps of exaggerated melodrama and over the top thrilling scene.

    As the strange tag line of the film suggested,”Don’t miss the beginning”, film opens on the busy road with camera held static, and two guys getting inside the bank to rob it. Momentary loss of sanity and calmness by one of the robbers, Laik(played by Nawazuddin) during carjacking leads to accidental death of Pune based Ad agency professional Raghav’s wife and kid. Raghav looks for revenge but he is not sure how to get it, as man in the question is imprisoned for same period as Gabbar Singh (throwback shown in the scene where jail inmates are watching Sholay). Later movie descends into inhuman psyche of both the lead character which blurs the line between revenge and losing control of their own conscience. It doesn’t show clash between good and evil,rather it deals with the malevolent characteristic possessed by both the leads.

    Badlapur takes its own sweet time to develop, and which predominantly helps in character buildup from flashback.First half may not go down well with casual viewers, but it is here what movie develops and gives a motif for brutal second half. In one flashback particular scene, Misha is shown reading Daphne DuMaurier’s Don’t Look Now which deals with psychology of grief over loss of daughter ,employing similar technique of flashback as in Badlapur, is it coincidence ?Naah. It gives enough time to imbibe the grief of Raghu’s loss whenever he visits his home, while on other hand Laik tries futile attempt to break the prison.

    After Laik is set free from the prison, film changes its gear from slow burning drama and sets itself into motion of thrilling witty battle that reminiscences of one of Srirams’s film noir thriller Ek hasina thi. Surprisingly film dwells into black humor that is naturally woven in drama and mostly mouthed by Nawazuddin siddiqui, like he begs his girlfriend to talk dirty or cunning swagger look whenever someone questions him. Writing and direction is another brilliant aspect of the film, it does have its own share of flaws but isn’t that praise worthy when you do not see Nawaz smoking ganja in entire film but it gives you feel that he is high all the time. Speaking of the performances, every character did what it expected from them to do in a well made movie, but Varun Dhawan surprises everyone with his cold,grief striken but intense performance that shows his range as an actor. Not so surprisingly, Nawazuddin siddiqui majestically plays Laik as unflinching, reckless character with so much of passion that it is worth watching Badlapur again solely for him.

    Badlapur is slow noir revenge thriller that is primarily character study of two people whose life changes after an accident, than usual revenge potboiler.

    February 27, 15
  • Jas Insan
    Jas Insan
    2 reviews

    Badlapur movie

    Too good movie Badlapur movie character is shown very well in this thriller drama Raghu (Dhawan) is the story of how and when his wife and son are killed in a bank robbery, his life falls into pieces narrates. One of the robbers, Liak (Siddiqui), is caught by the police and sent to jail, but his fellow escapes with the money. Filled with anger and distress, Raghu who destroyed his world and his revenge will wait 15 years, her "revenge" on meeting gives his life to revenge.

    September 01, 16
  • Srinivas Rowdur
    Srinivas Rowdur
    1 review

    Miss the beginning

    I think everything about the movie is perfect except for the beginning. I would recommend editing the first few minutes of the film and watching it from the time Varun makes his presentation. The reason why i think that would make a better film is because it allows us to go into the mind of the protagonist and view the world from his point of view.

    He has lost his wife, he is desperate to know who the killer is and doubts arise in his mind when Nawaz keeps denying his role and the police cannot find out the second person in the car. This is the perfect setting for the second half, it also justifies his actions and makes a great climax when Nawaz finally confesses.

    September 06, 15