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    It is a copy of MEET THE PARENTS(1992/2000) and of course Vijay Mallaya's Kingfisher Airlines

    pilot, who got the pink slip. Well, v know the story or non-story. And this is a good way to plough DHOOM 3 moolah, which may not generate further/any profits. For a Rom-com, it certainly roams in a comely manner.

    The only thing tall about this movie is heroine Sonam Kapoor's height(and that's saying a lot.) She is definitely a cloth horse. But acting and she are like North Pole and South Pole. With her gummy/toothy smile.let's move on to hero Ayushman Khurana. He may act in more movies but he has to up his game. Rishi Kapoor will continue with his old man roles. He has nothing new to offer except filling his old age coffers. What to say of songs, mere fillers.

    In this movie, there is a MBA waiter(of course, the hero). And the heroine is working in a bank but splurges money on branded products like she owns the bank. If the hero has lost his job and can do desperate things to get employed, the heroine is her foil. And in comes her dad, who finds the would-be groom unsuitable. FUNNY! In today's times, any' modern' girl will ask for her parents' opinion, least of all go along with it? There r so many implausible episodes, that one's mouth is left open - whether to wonder or wander away. I did the latter.

    As a diversion, we have bikini-clad heroine smooching like it is the end of the world (it definitely is). As yet there is none to beat La Tagore from AN EVENING IN PARIS (1967) bikini pose. Or first kiss of Hindi cinema of Devika Rani-Himanshu Rai(KARMA, 1933).

    The title is apt but it shouldn't make u a bewakoof. For a change, go for picnic as weather is pleasant. Outdoors always cheer up to be gutsy to face Monday.

    May 21, 15
  • Nagma
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    Sonam Kapoor is one of my favourite and Rishi Kapoor is fabulous in the movie. For these reasons, I would like to rate an additional star (5+1).
    The movie is about two individuals (Sonam & Ayushmann) completely lost in love and struggling to convince Mr. VK Sehgal(Rishi Kapoor - Sonam's dad) to approve of their marriage.
    Movie revolves around the backdrop of an economic recession faced by the airline industry.
    It is needless to say that Sonam looks extremely beautiful in all her outfits but her role does not give her the opportunity to showcase depth in her acting.
    Ayushmann does justice to his role but there is nothing extraordinary.
    The shining light in this dark tunnel is Mr. V.K. Sehgal played by Rishi Kapoor a government servant who believes that his son-in-law needs to be a millionaire. An IAS officer who keeps boasting that "Home Secretary toh mera batchmate tha" to scare people and showcase his importance.
    His assistant and confidante, Gurcharan Singh also contributes to few fun moments in the movie.
    Mr. Sehgal's comic timing is brilliant and one can say that he is the saving grace.
    All in all the movie is light, fun-filled with some emotional contents.
    Bewakoofiyaan focusses on a practical problem but deals it with an unrealistic touch!
    However the movie is "Watchable" especially for the hard work put in by all the three characters.

    March 30, 14