• Shashwat Sisodia
    Shashwat Sisodia
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    Dedh Ishqiya is easily the sexiest film this year. And the title of the film totally justifies the narrative which follows. It is not entirely a sequel. Yes, there are Khalujan and Babban continuing the same task they did previously, but this time they are bound by a tauter, more light backdrop. We have a new story, involving the once-royal people who haven't lost their grandeur. Naseeruddin Shah shows a side of himself as Khalu which was naive to Ishqiya. The film is a visual triumph of colours which comes not only as a thrilling black comedy like the original, but also a sharp rom-com. There are amazing palaces, sweeping ghaghras and mujre ka gharana. There is profound literature and sufi music. On the whole, this is a film that wins over easily. Watch it for Madhuri Dixit, she is a total finesse here.
    Above, anything 'Dedh Ishqiya' is a more productive narrative than the original, because it celebrates itself with sincerity. I'm going with 4 out of 5 for the film. Its 'Dedh', but for me 'Saadhe Aath'.

    September 26, 19
  • Saheb Abdullah
    Saheb Abdullah
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    Love The Comedy In The Film and The Artistic Way of Love But It Lacked Heart...Storyline is much similar to The Ishqiya..But the comedy is better here, but other things just fade away a little if you compare it with the 1st One..Anyway not a bad watch at all.Love the Use Of Urdu in the Film

    May 09, 16
  • Sandeep Gupta
    Sandeep Gupta
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    Much like Munna (Sanjay Dutt) and Circuit (Arshad Warsi) are integral part of Munnabhai series, Khalu (Naseeruddin Shah) and Babban (Arshad Warsi) are the integral part of our own Desi crime comedy series Ishqiya. Ishqiya wasn't a crowd pleaser so its sequel Dedh Isqiya also does not aim the masses. Instead with its Urdu dialogs every now and then to support its atmosphere and honest story telling, it requires your patience and attention so that you can enjoy the quirky and intelligent dialogs written by Vishal Bhardwaj. The movie is most enjoyable whenever you witness the electric chemistry between our leads. New actors include another veteran Madhuri Dixit, fierce beauty Huma Qureshi and ultimate performer Vijay Raaj. Vijay Raaz's character must be kept in the story if they are taking the series forward which they should. Movie looses you sometimes during its long Urdu conversations and the tiring and labored performance by Madhuri Dixit. Intelligent crime comedies and black humor are still to find a place in Bollywood hall of fame but Vishal Bhardwaj and his team promises you that they will not compromise and keep serving you with intelligent stories.

    January 26, 14
  • Bubbly
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    Probably, after MUNNA BHAI series' Munna-Circuit jodi, now Khalujaan-Babban have taken over. (Khalu like aalu, bhalu, kaalu, lalu, wagerah, wagerah...) Khalu in Urdu stands for maternal aunt's husband. Such raw and boiling "chemistry" can put the chill out from this winter. Naseeruddin Shah (63, Iftekhar/Khalujaan) by merely being in a frame makes it classic. Arshad Warsi (45, Razzaq Hussain/Babban) is the most under-rated actor, who still hasn't got his due. Had Amitabh invested his billions in Arshad instead of the perennial struggler, he'd've recovered his investment with handsome gains by now. You need to have a sound knowledge of Urdu language to grasp the subtleties and fineries of this beautiful language. Otherwise everything'll go over the head and one may not enjoy the bickerings and tu-tu main-main. Absolutely brilliant. Dialogues are simply delectable. You will remember them long after. Cinematography too is mind-blowing.

    I know Photoshop is an excellent makeup software. But what should I do when I am against makeup itself. I prefer natural beauty. And what can one say about the Photoshop queen Madhuri (46, Begum Para). She looks like Babban's mother but tries looking like Huma Qureshi (27, Muniya) babe (mother/aunt-niece jodi.) That charming smile isn't the same. Time and again "comebacks" can take its toll. Why can't she rest and watch the younger heroines' movies. After her insensitive and gross Saifai 1-crore nautanki, she may've been consigned to where she should be. She may have "lost" a chunk of her fan-following and wonder if a few hundreds will patronize it. The movie's chances r grim. I pity her and sympathize with her desperation. Women-centred flicks never fared well barring a few. She must have invested heavily in this movie and the next "comeback" GULABI GANG. She is ready to give "tough" competition to TV vampish tai and sasu ma and... Couldn't she learn something from Sadhna!!! I must appreciate her optimism to go on re-inventing herself. I wonder if her kids will know her through her screen presence only as mother is 'shooting'.

    Shraddha Kapoor and Amrita Puri are in item numbers that are not exactly needed. Although the movie boasts of six songs, none are actually hummable.

    Vijay Raz (50, Jan Mohammed, politician) is in a class of his own. Words don't do justice to what he brings to screen. Kudos. He is ably assisted by Ravi Gosain (Liyaqat Ali) and Manoj Pahwa (50). Marvellous actors dotting the Indian acting scene instead of the crass moneyed non-actors. '-[

    DI may not compete with its prequel ISHQIYA (2010) but it is an excellent encore to male bonding. Naseer-Arshad will win many awards for their roles. They tug at the heart-strings. I will wait for Part 3 too if this male team remains. But they should avoid Photoshop heroines. Makeup stage tak OK hain heroines le le. Har din aisi film nahin aati.

    January 10, 14