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    The third installment of Indra Kumar's sex comedy franchise is nowhere near the zenith that it should have reached by now, considering the perverted times we live in. It has only degraded with time.

    Amar (Deshmukh), Meet (Oberoi), and Prem (Shivdasani) are three sex- craving husbands of equally sex-craving and seductive "housewives". However, the couples are apparently unable to get on with it due to some ridiculous reasons. So, the male trio go out of their way to Amar's ancestral mansion in the countryside to have some adult fun. To their surprise, they bump into Ragini (Rautela), a bombshell of a ghost who, for their luck and goodness, wants to have sex with them for some more ridiculous reasons. In between this narrative is where one will find deadpan jokes and slapstick about sex, vulgarity, sex, women, sex, male reproductive organs, sex, and other similar topics.

    Masti (2004) was an honestly funny yet average movie, but more than a decade later, Great Grand Masti does not appeal, let only amuse. The characters look like they were written by naughty four-year olds. The humor, which is supposed to be an important aspect of a film like this, does not even scramble. Lots of cleavages, redundant one-liners, and sexist jokes are all that you'll find in this cacophony of idiotic elements.

    BOTTOM LINE: Great Grand Masti offers neither of the adjectives that it has appended in its title. It's just a very bad adult film made by a film student who himself is obsessed with sex. Not even worth watching the TV premiere (if at all that happens).

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? NO

    July 15, 16