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Great Grand Masti

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Amar, Meet and Prem go into a small town where they encounter a 'femme fatale' in the form of Ragini. Ragini is everything they had dreamed of, but she slowly turns into their worst nightmare!Wikipedia

Great Grand Masti Reviews


Alas, the key problem here is that none of it is particularly original or inventive. One doesn’t expect a sex comedy to be smart or tasteful, but “Great Grand Masti” isn’t even as outrageous and offensive as the recent Sunny Leone starrer “Mastizaade”. It settles for plain, dull and boring.

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


To spice up the by now wrung-out-to-dry formula of sex-starved husbands and stand-offish wives, Great Grand Masti script has added on a female ghost who died a virgin.

Rohit Vats
Hindustan Times


Don’t you dare smile! Even if you do, do it with a sorry face. Who knows, a smile might turn out to be the inspiration for an even greater ‘masti’.It’s a miracle I have survived.

Rohit Bhatnagar
Deccan Chronicle


What starts off as a cringe fest initially graduates to be repelling over the course of the film. Of course it’s not the best way to spend this weekend!

As if the cringe-worthy story wasn't enough, the makers have added random songs in the film, making it a difficult watch.In a nutshell, Great Grand Masti is neither great nor grand, and it doesn't have any masti elements either.

Mohar Basu
Times Of India


For those who have a taste in adult comedies, Great Grand Masti is a fun weekend watch and one of the better ones we've seen this year. Go guffaw!

“Great Grand Masti” could have turned the tables on the sex comedy genre, but thanks to some watered-down humour and regressive script, this is just another mediocre film that will sink into oblivion.

Bryan Durham
DNA India


Strictly recommended viewing for people who want to get sledgehammered with silliness. Or just hammered by ham. You know you want it!

Reviewer Profile
India Today


It seems highly ridiculous that the producers think this is what the audience want. That this will make money, and it just might. It also makes one sad for the audience, who are taken for granted like this and serviced with one trashy film after the other in the name of 'family entertainers'.Don't bother watching this one. You can thank us later.

GREAT GRAND MASTI fails to capitalize on the strong franchise value on the account of poor script which hardly offers any masti or entertainment to the audience. At the box office, its prospects appear extremely weak.

Watch ‘Great Grand Masti’ if crass ‘humour’ is your idea of fun. This one gave me a throbbing headache.


Great Grand Masti has all the regular trappings to satisfy the average adult comedy aficionado. But if you expect even the slightest amount of grace and intelligence in your cinema, you’ll have to look away. This is pure cheeky fun. Meant only for those who enjoy innuendos.


GREAT GRAND MASTI is a ghoulishly unfulfilled and terribly ironic follow-up to the bawdy MASTI series that makes you feel bad for Riteish Deshmukh, Vivek Oberoi and director Indra Kumar because they had not actually hit this rock bottom until they agreed to appear in it.

Subhash K Jha


Great Great Masti is stuck in  a time-warp.Innuendos , comparing penises to bananas and referring to pubic hair asjhaad(bush),  are no longer cool even in school back-benches.Shockingly the female actors are shown to participate in scenes where woman’s body parts are likened to plots of land and real estate.

Reviewer Profile


One knows to expect a certain kind of humour from the Masti films, but this one takes the jokes even lower than its previous iterations: The gags are tasteless, homosexuals are liberally made fun of, and gratuitous shots of the female bosom are stuffed throughout the run-time. Watching straight porn might make for a better experience than this.

Manisha Lakhe


Amar, Meet and Prem are back on the screen with the third instalment of their almost sexcapade. This time it is set in a haunted house. But no matter what the setting is, the comedy remains shallow: the jokes do not go beyond buxom women and male genitalia. It could have been very funny had they aimed at 'Carry On' series, but they do not go beyond bad Whatsapp jokes.

Audience Reviews for Great Grand Masti

  • Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
    258 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    The third installment of Indra Kumar's sex comedy franchise is nowhere near the zenith that it should have reached by now, considering the perverted times we live in. It has only degraded with time.

    Amar (Deshmukh), Meet (Oberoi), and Prem (Shivdasani) are three sex- craving husbands of equally sex-craving and seductive "housewives". However, the couples are apparently unable to get on with it due to some ridiculous reasons. So, the male trio go out of their way to Amar's ancestral mansion in the countryside to have some adult fun. To their surprise, they bump into Ragini (Rautela), a bombshell of a ghost who, for their luck and goodness, wants to have sex with them for some more ridiculous reasons. In between this narrative is where one will find deadpan jokes and slapstick about sex, vulgarity, sex, women, sex, male reproductive organs, sex, and other similar topics.

    Masti (2004) was an honestly funny yet average movie, but more than a decade later, Great Grand Masti does not appeal, let only amuse. The characters look like they were written by naughty four-year olds. The humor, which is supposed to be an important aspect of a film like this, does not even scramble. Lots of cleavages, redundant one-liners, and sexist jokes are all that you'll find in this cacophony of idiotic elements.

    BOTTOM LINE: Great Grand Masti offers neither of the adjectives that it has appended in its title. It's just a very bad adult film made by a film student who himself is obsessed with sex. Not even worth watching the TV premiere (if at all that happens).

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? NO

    July 15, 16