• With a plethora of talent, the performances are good with De Niro and Stallone sharing the honours and Alan Arkin whose deaf-mute role in The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter is still fresh in memory while Kim Bassinger, after a long break, still has enough oomph to remind one of Jane Fonda in her heyday. All in all Grudge Match is well worth going to.

  • The training sequences are sluggish and intentionally funny and indeed much of the film’s humour plays off on their respective ages. But that’s all secondary to the fact that these two once played the legendary characters Rocky Balboa and Jake LaMotta. These veterans still pack in their punches for sure.

  • Aubrey D'souza
    Aubrey D'souza


    Robert De Niro, Alan Arkin and Sylvester Stallone bring the magic. Remember to watch out for Lightning’s quick wit and jokes. The movie is about keeping the gloves up, keeping the chin down, striding into the centre of the ring and finishing the bout with heads held high.