• Subhalakshmi
    2 reviews

    Gulaab Gang is Dabangg. Period. Replete with seeti worthy moments, the movie is not a serious portrayal of women empowerment or an eye-opener about how women are tortured. It is Madhuri Dixit jumping over a jeep, axe in hand, and knocking down four men with a single blow, without a scratch on her face.

    When Juhi Chawla, playing one of the most bad-ass roles (probably the first) of her career, makes a male politician crawl between the legs of her female secretary, it is no less "cringe-worthy" than Amrish Puri leching after Mamata Kulkarni's heaving breasts in Karan Arjum. Mujhko rana ji maaf karna, but villains are supposed to provide "cringe-worthy" moments. That is why we cheer when the good guy comes along and beats the shit out of them.

    I loved the movie, like I love Karan Arjun. Like I love Tarantino. Blood, gore, stunts, dialogues, Madhuri and Juhi Chawla locking horns, song and dance routines for no rhyme or reason and a gora news reporter who keeps popping up. What more can a girl, growing up during the 90s Bollywood era, want?

    April 13, 14