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    Newcomers have a tough time staying afloat in the volatile entertainment industry. In 2020, when there will be no trace of either of the lead actors of this film, we can finally corroborate that the previous statement is, in fact, true.

    After he's done with his theatrics, heroics, and groovy dance moves, Sooraj (Pancholi Jr.) is assigned the task of kidnapping the daughter (Shetty) of the city's Inspector General (Dhulia) by his gangster-turned-politician father (Pancholi Sr.) on grounds of political vendetta. Soon idiotic dialogs encapsulate the drama that has the power to put off its viewers, because in here arguments turn into long-winded sessions of romance, and kidnappers fool around with their captive. Just because the original villain is the real life father of the so-called hero of the film, he's not sent to the gallows at the end. But worry not, because we have some random villains kicking the bucket. It is basically a love story where the characters use words like "calculate" & "alt+shift+delete" to describe the situations. You now know what you're looking at.

    Pancholi Jr. has a long way to go if he wants to stick to acting that is not solely driven by his toned body, and Shetty may want to check her options. Taking a French bath and screaming your lungs out is not considered acting. Dhulia is the only good man in the film which eventually drags the hell out to reach a point of stagnancy.

    BOTTOM LINE: Hero has a tried and tested story, but the actors playing the characters are like a bunch of toddlers who are yet to grow milk teeth.

    GRADE: F

    Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

    September 12, 15
  • Md Issa Hoque
    Md Issa Hoque
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    Best of this year n sallu brought another blockbuster m

    September 11, 15