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    'Joker' masterfully comes off as a supernatural arch nemesis account- a thing so needfuk for a villain so layered like him. And Jaoquin Phoenix is just even better than Heath Rodger.
    But the film is deeply inconsistent. Apart from some terrific terrifying moments, the film amplifies too little to be an amazing saga. The bumps throughout cover the script. It is easily very problematic, and there is little attention to how the barrier between the audience and the screens shall become porous. But you still need to watch 'Joker' because its approach is fresh. You, for one, keep no expectations and you'll find it a perfect film. But keep away if you have coulrophobia. It'll depress you. And that's the least to also say that it is a regressive disturbance in the name of a film. I am going with 2.5 stsrs out of 5 for 'Joker'.

    October 07, 19