• Himanshu pandey
    Himanshu pandey
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    What if one day kuberick comes up with something like ‘Before trilogy’.??...
    we can safely bet that he can’t deliver what Richard linklater has..same is the case with Anurag Kashyap..The Indian neo noir director has come up with manmarziyaan, a romantic drama where he starts albeit with a bang but fizzles out gradually...

    Manmarziyaan is a love line between the talented Vicky Kaushal, charming tapsee pannu and the restrained Abhishek bachhan..tapsee is the centre of the gravity which keeps changing its position between the other two balancing points in accordance with her wits and complexities and that accelerates the whole story to a point when it starts getting dragged and comes to a halt..
    first half is brilliant and a scene just before interval fills u with the goosbump as Amit trivedi’s brilliant scores matches up with the brilliant vickey kaushal’s anguishness on the screen but the second half stretches too long and the last 15 minutes of the movie becomes unbearable and u left wondering when they gonna roll the titles..I understand they were trying to prove a point about the love but there was really no point to stretch that long...had they squeezed up those 15 odd minutes,the film would have been much nicer..it was almost like they started on commercial note and tried to finish in art style but the end result was ARTIFICIAL...

    Tapsee is a spot on as Chulbulee and मुँहफट लड़की...Abhishek and vickey Kaushal also plays their characters to the T but the real gem and the heart of the movie is the music of Amit Trivedi..his music is the life of the characters..remove it and all the characters dies automatically...Amit Trivedi must be on the pedestal this year...

    It seems Anurag kashyap was tired of the criticism and wanted to prove that he can handle the love actually without any gore and swearing...somehow he succeeds in it but overall he still has a long way to go..so in all, if you love romance,want to experiment new Anurag kashyap, surely u can watch this especially फ़र्स्ट हाफ़ and if u have patience too, go for the second half too..afterall it’s ur मन की मर्ज़ी...

    October 05, 19
  • Aditya Parulekar
    Aditya Parulekar
    8 reviews

    Great direction and a good story that stands out from the rest of the crappy romance films that Bollywood comes out with every year. But a tiresome watch.

    February 15, 19