• Anupama Subramanian
    Anupama Subramanian
    Deccan Chronicle


    Still, it’s hard to tell how Miruthan will go down. For predominantly Tamil audiences who haven’t really seen such a flick before, Miruthan might still just be a mild curiosity with a potential to spark greater interest in the genre.

  • But the half-baked script, ordinary VFX and inept execution make director Shakti Soundar’s Miruthan a tedious watch.

  • M Suganth
    M Suganth
    Times Of India


    Even though the execution is off, the haunting song that Imman provides for this moment, Mirutha Mirutha, hits us hard, and makes us care for the lead pair.

  • When their town is invaded by zombies, the residents seem to be quite calm and collected, except for occasional screaming. The movie is quite tiring by the end.

    The zombies of Hollywood will do a far better job of entertaining you than Miruthan.

  • A potential script and actors are wasted because of an indifferent treatment in Miruthan.