• This movie is a must-watch for Suriya’s stellar performance and director Vikram Kumar’s time travel script. 24 is a visually stunning film with a novel concept.

  • Manithan works because of the casting and the fact that one lawyer from nowhere decides to fight for justice for the have-nots. It’s a feel-good film that has you rooting for the weak and shows you that being a manithan (human) is important.

  • While one didn’t expect it to match the original film, Aarathu Sinam was disappointing as it didn’t match low expectations either.

  • Don’t miss Sethupathi as Vijay Sethupathi outshines many other heroes in Kollywood as the cop.

  • When their town is invaded by zombies, the residents seem to be quite calm and collected, except for occasional screaming. The movie is quite tiring by the end.

    The zombies of Hollywood will do a far better job of entertaining you than Miruthan.

  • Director Vetrimaraan has delivered a film that doesn’t preach or sermonise – it delivers a jolt of reality. And it makes you think – because this could happen to you. Don’t miss it.

  • The Tamil remake is poorly made in contrast— the screenplay doesn’t hold your interest, some of the actors’ performances are mechanical and you don’t connect to the characters. The film is like a soda pop gone flat.

  • Sundar’s Aranmanai has set the bar and many elements in this film remind you of its predecessor.

  • Watch the film for the hit combination of Sukumar and Jr NTR combination. The father-son bond is reinforced in this emotional drama.

  • As far as the story goes, it is not gripping enough to be termed a crime thriller. There are not too many twists and the storyline is weak. It doesn’t seem plausible that the protagonist, a librarian, is otherwise like a ninja! Music director Harris Jayaraj has scored the music for the film but the songs are all forgettable. Luckily, the BGM is better.

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