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    BOSS: Baas Maarta Hai!

    Do you all really expect to read a review? I won't believe that, especially after debacles called MKBKM, MKH, DAVID, DMD, VISHWAROOP, DKLS, I ME AUR MAIN, SBAGR, 3G, EK THI DAAYAN, BOMBAY TALKIES, GO GOA GONE, AURANGZEB, YPD 2, GHANCHAKKAR, SATYAGRAHA, ZANJEER, HIMMATWALA, CHENNAI EXPRESS, PPNK, BESHARAM and now BOSS.

    When we've BIGG BOSS 7 for free, why'd we watch another BOSS and that too paying for a ticket for another mindless flick (outrageous after BESHARAM). And it is a Wednesday release too like B. People've forgotten to learn from others' mistakes and want to make their own expensive blunders. This year doesn't favour stars and big budget movies. And this one comes minus the regular side-show called a heroine to deflect attention. Had I got the ticket free too, I'd've expected a free Tylenol, pop, popcorn, to-'n-fro fare, hourly pay, and wasting time on festive day. But had I had a good sleep while watching it, I'd ask for a proxy review writer too.

    I can visualise whatever viewers with red faces and steam coming out of their ears and snarling teeth/jaws. (Never mind exaggeration. Imagination can do funny things when one wants to be happy in the face of a head-ache.) It's about time; filmmakers started the tradition of throwing a pre-release party for soon-to-be-declared festive failure fare. I'd like to know such rich producers. Even I've ideas (of course, for making an intelligent movie. Just finished numbering the pages with the last number being 7867867... Mind u, this is not FB likes number.)

    I'm so disgusted with this BS show that doesn't entertain. I enjoy movies. I laugh. And then I write heartily about them. But same kachra, week after week. No novelty. Hero heroines make load of cash. Then promote their movies to "go and watch in cinemas only" and what do we get after paying for hefty tickets. I've better things to do. I'm not getting adequate gaaliyan to print for BOSS. It has a dated look. Same stale stuff. Suffice it to say, that no one can write a review for this movie as there is simply no story.

    If you are missing mother Nirupa Roy, see Mithun Chakraborty, who'll beat her dead and win the Mother title hands down. Sicko! It is time new younger heroes were brought on screen. Akshay shows his age. Dyed hair, sagging skin and at 46, he can complement the evergreen buddha of Hindi movies, who goes on and on, on the basis of crass marketing, media and money. This is the limit. We want to see 20+ hero heroines. Remember BITTOO BOSS? These 40+/50+/60+/70+ should act as fathers and grandfathers NOW. Why should we see new wigs, dentures, botox skin, glasses, nose jobs, and flab? Why should we contribute for their medical conditions and equipment? They are beyond makeup stage. Why aren't the young and beautiful given a chance instead of promoting these qabar ke murde? Watch this one alone as it is better to cry alone. Or if you wish to cry then why not sit at home

    October 17, 13