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Boss (also known as Naam Hai Boss) is a action drama film directed by Anthony D'Souza, who had earlier directed Blue (2009). It's a remake of the Malayalam movie 'Pokkiri Raja' starring Mammotty, Prithviraj and Shriya Saran. Wikipedia

Boss Reviews


Neither original, nor entertaining, this Boss deserves to be fired!

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


The lines overall are cringe-making, and aimed at those who find a truck named 'Behen Ki Lorry' funny. Really, Akshay?


This is a fast-paced, zany, full-on masala fare. There is a tempting swagger to Akshay`s performance matched by the narration`s tidal tempo. Irresistible energy and endearing gusto underline the show`s voracious appetite for a comic kill.

Boss is hell bent on assaulting the eardrums and senses with a vigorous spectacle of mindless action and screeching soundtrack.Given the low benchmark of this genre, it's akin to praise when I say Boss is neither as absurd as Rowdy Rathore nor as ghastly as Policegiri.

Boss, needless to say, is Akshay Kumar’s film all the way and there are several moments in it when he comes across as perfectly cut out for such antics.

Gaurav Malani
Times Of India


So when almost everything about the film is wrong, you are still not supposed to question anything. A general viewer reaction to the mediocrity of this film was 'what else do you expect from a film like this?' So with the frequent flow of such unapologetically self-proclaimed mindless action films, our basic expectations are so downsized that even distasteful dishes have turned easily edible.

Renuka Vyavahare
Times Of India


To cut a long story short, Boss solely relies on Akshay's star power and he carries the film on his shoulders with aplomb. It's his dialoguebazi and filmygiri that make you smile, no matter how corny the one-liners.

This is not a movie that is worth your time and money. Spend it elsewhere.

A complete paisa vasool experience at the movies, Boss is an overdue treat for Akshay Kumar fans who have been waiting for him to return to his forte. A true mainstream entertainer in every sense, this Boss does pack a solid punch!

Rohit Khilnani
India Today


At around 2 hours and 25 minutes, Boss is way too long. There are very few scenes that are actually funny in this supposed entertainer.


Akshay Kumar starrer Boss manages to indulge you in a feast of thrilling ugly action and crackling comedy with its crude and rustic premise. The film absorbs you in its tottering plot despite its puerile humor and thunderous action! Somehow even with all its blunders,because of Akshay Kumar alone Boss works. Though at points I found the film horrendously bizarre, I admittedly found myself getting entertained in several parts of the film. Giving a 2.5/5, the film is worth the price of your ticket compensating well in the enjoyment quotient, the value of every penny you put into this! Akshay Kumar single handedly saves the film from being a sore bore and that is reason enough why Boss deserves a definite shot!

Taran Adarsh
Bollywood Hungama


BOSS is a full-on masala entertainer that's very clear of its intent. It is designed to magnetize lovers of desi commercial cinema and woo the BO. If you savor and relish old-school masaledaar entertainers, BOSS is sure to win you over. Watch this one -- it's a paisa vasool entertainer!

Sachin Chatte
The Navhind Times


The good news is that Boss is not as bad as some of Akshay Kumars other films. But if you leave those abysmal standards aside, it is still a lousy film with an asinine story and that is the bad news.

Rummana Ahmed
Yahoo! India


‘Boss’ just reeks of lazy filmmaking.


Full-on timepass!

If you are an Akshay Kumar fan and appreciate his comic timing, watch this one. But if action is not your favourite genre, you have the full danger of coming out feeling as battered and beaten as one of those innumerable goons in the film.

Audience Reviews for Boss

  • Bubbly
    41 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    BOSS: Baas Maarta Hai!

    Do you all really expect to read a review? I won't believe that, especially after debacles called MKBKM, MKH, DAVID, DMD, VISHWAROOP, DKLS, I ME AUR MAIN, SBAGR, 3G, EK THI DAAYAN, BOMBAY TALKIES, GO GOA GONE, AURANGZEB, YPD 2, GHANCHAKKAR, SATYAGRAHA, ZANJEER, HIMMATWALA, CHENNAI EXPRESS, PPNK, BESHARAM and now BOSS.

    When we've BIGG BOSS 7 for free, why'd we watch another BOSS and that too paying for a ticket for another mindless flick (outrageous after BESHARAM). And it is a Wednesday release too like B. People've forgotten to learn from others' mistakes and want to make their own expensive blunders. This year doesn't favour stars and big budget movies. And this one comes minus the regular side-show called a heroine to deflect attention. Had I got the ticket free too, I'd've expected a free Tylenol, pop, popcorn, to-'n-fro fare, hourly pay, and wasting time on festive day. But had I had a good sleep while watching it, I'd ask for a proxy review writer too.

    I can visualise whatever viewers with red faces and steam coming out of their ears and snarling teeth/jaws. (Never mind exaggeration. Imagination can do funny things when one wants to be happy in the face of a head-ache.) It's about time; filmmakers started the tradition of throwing a pre-release party for soon-to-be-declared festive failure fare. I'd like to know such rich producers. Even I've ideas (of course, for making an intelligent movie. Just finished numbering the pages with the last number being 7867867... Mind u, this is not FB likes number.)

    I'm so disgusted with this BS show that doesn't entertain. I enjoy movies. I laugh. And then I write heartily about them. But same kachra, week after week. No novelty. Hero heroines make load of cash. Then promote their movies to "go and watch in cinemas only" and what do we get after paying for hefty tickets. I've better things to do. I'm not getting adequate gaaliyan to print for BOSS. It has a dated look. Same stale stuff. Suffice it to say, that no one can write a review for this movie as there is simply no story.

    If you are missing mother Nirupa Roy, see Mithun Chakraborty, who'll beat her dead and win the Mother title hands down. Sicko! It is time new younger heroes were brought on screen. Akshay shows his age. Dyed hair, sagging skin and at 46, he can complement the evergreen buddha of Hindi movies, who goes on and on, on the basis of crass marketing, media and money. This is the limit. We want to see 20+ hero heroines. Remember BITTOO BOSS? These 40+/50+/60+/70+ should act as fathers and grandfathers NOW. Why should we see new wigs, dentures, botox skin, glasses, nose jobs, and flab? Why should we contribute for their medical conditions and equipment? They are beyond makeup stage. Why aren't the young and beautiful given a chance instead of promoting these qabar ke murde? Watch this one alone as it is better to cry alone. Or if you wish to cry then why not sit at home

    October 17, 13