• Sweta Vinod
    Sweta Vinod


    A fun and action-packed ride through memory lane.

  • It takes a little getting used to seeing the cute and hungry Pac-Man attacking Washington, DC and accepting the lazy special effects and plot points. The film catalogues the worst set of performances seen in a while, particularly Dinklage’s accent and Gad’s pubescent antics.

  • Venky Vembu
    Venky Vembu
    The Hindu


    There’s really no nice way to say this: Pixels is inarguably the most god-awful film I’ve seen in a long while. It’s premised on nostalgia for a niche memory of the 1980s — centred around the universe of first-generation video games — but that’s just a thin veneer for a celebration of utterly useless geekdom that reeks of self-gratification in the extreme.