• The plot seems plausible and draws you in, whereas Raja Natwarlal’s plotlines are too clever for their own good. You stop believing in the con and the magic evaporates.

  • Kunal Deshmukh’s tribute to the legendary conman Natwarlal is muddled with Bollywood staples of song and dance, and a pretty heroine, reducing it into an unlikely romance…

  • Raja Natwarlal fails because its basic premise is a mess. It presents the challenge of conning a man who is supposed to be one of the world’s smartest men, except he behaves like one of the dumbest creatures to have walked this planet. Make that the second dumbest; the number one position is occupied by the audience that fell for Raja Natwarlal and bought tickets.

  • Komal Nahta
    Komal Nahta
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    …an entertaining thriller in parts but it lacks in two departments – the love story (which is very weak) and the music (which, in spite of being good, is not at all popular). Also, the con becomes too much to digest after a point of time. The film will, therefore, not be able to make its mark at the box-office.

  • Raja Natwarlal is unimaginative pulp; it begins and ends on a lukewarm note.

  • Anuj Kumar
    Anuj Kumar
    The Hindu


    The conman’s conviction is captivating but his tricks fail to deceive.

  • JPN


    Serial Kisser Emraan Hashmi’s films may not do well at the Box Office every time but the songs of his films are always super hit. However, the songs of Raja Natwarlal have fared averagely amongst the audiences but dialogues are strong and funny. So here we can conclude that the film is entertaining and can be seen atleast once.