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Rajini Murugan

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Rajini Murugan is a movie about Rajinimurugan, a jobless youth whose main pass time is to spend time with his friends. After a family dispute that causes rifts between his brother and the rest of his family, Rajinimurgan decides to give his brother a lesson.Wikipedia

Rajini Murugan Reviews

Raisa Nasreen


If you’re looking for a fun entertainer this Pongal, then Rajini Murgan should be your pick. It’s loaded with comedy and splendid performances by the actors add to the fun. Sivakarthikeyan and Soori are sure to tickle your funny bone. Don’t miss this one. 

Sreeju Sudhakaran
Bollywood Life


While the film has its faults, the film is a decent family entertainer with some clean hilarious comedy. Watch it purely for Sivakarthikeyan and Soori’s antics and you will leave the theatre with a smile on your face!

Rajini Murugan is a tailor made festival film, which is sure to enthrall and entertain the masses. 

There’s pretty much nothing in Rajini Murugan that will even startle you, let alone blow your mind. It’s everything you’ve seen already, but you know the thing that differentiates stars from actors? They’re able to take your mind off the silly story; they’re able to make you forget that the plot is flimsy, that the songs (even if catchy) are excessive, that the love story is regressive.

Rajini Murugan is a safe bet to bank your money on if you want to watch a film with no expectation but just to spend your two and a half hours laughing.

Rajini Murugan is a product from a team which precisely knows its strengths. The biggest strength is that the team knows its limitations and never goes fishing into bigger or untested waters. The result is an outing of harmless fun.

Audience Reviews for Rajini Murugan

  • Ramyaa Santhosh
    Ramyaa Santhosh
    1 review

    Very nice entertaining 3 hour movie full of laughter...couldn't think of anything else except to watch the movie for 3 hours...good work by Sivakarthikeyan,Keerthi,Rajkiran and everybody in the team...good dialogue delivery...hats off to the director...

    March 09, 16