• Stay away from Sardaar Gabbar Singh and watch Gabbar Singh again.

  • On the whole, Sardaar Gabbar Singh will surely go well with all Pawan Kalyan fans. Right from the word go, it is Pawan’s solid screen presence and energetic performance that will bind you completely. Impressive first half and some stylish thrills are basic assets. But a weak story line, lengthy run time and a dragged out second half spoil the fun to an extent and make this film exclusive for fans only.

  • …the film is a Ugadi feast for the audience, especially for Pawan Kalyan fans. The romance between Pawan and Kajal gives sweet taste, comedy is like salt and pepper, Pawan shows his bitterness to his opposition and action sequences between the Antagonist and Protagonist makes the audience feel Pungent and Astringent.

    Overall, the film is a blend of Six Tastes of Ugadi Chutney – Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Pungent and Astringent.

  • ILuvCinema Team
    ILuvCinema Team


    Pawan Kalyan’s energy will surely pull you towards the theaters… Don’t MISS this powerful action entertainer.

  • Sardaar Gabbar Singh has Actions, Heroism, Love, Emotion, Sympathy and all other elements needed for a successful movie only problems is that these elements failed to produce needed AURA all put together. Sardaar Gabbar Singh has its moments but half of Gabbar Singh only.