• Ship of Theseus is a sign of evolution in filmmaking, a work of art. I cannot award such artistry with mere stars. I can only hope it’s a precedent not an exception and wish you go and watch it.

  • The audience for Ship of Theseus must enter the auditorium with a different set of criteria than what decides if a Bollywood film is a hit or miss. You’re expected to keep in mind that style can trump credibility, that this is director Anand Gandhi’s first film, and the focus is upon the intriguing idea that inspired it rather than the set of events that make up the plot of Ship of Theseus.

  • Dibakar Banerjee
    Dibakar Banerjee
    Mumbai Mirror


    A rare film from the Bombay film industry: no cheating. No cop out. No contrived truths.
    Anand Gandhi’s vision made me forget that I was watching a film. Through astounding technique and painstaking detailing, he managed to draw me into his vision of life without me being aware of it.