• Mihir Bhanage
    Mihir Bhanage
    Times Of India


    Some needless scenes apart, ‘Shutter’ is every bit the thriller it promises to be.

  • Vidula Menge
    Vidula Menge


    Shutter is a brilliantly executed suspense thriller. Plus, it’s all of two hours. Watch it!

  • Shutter is worth watching if you prefer new-age thrillers. The film has a decent chance of doing well at the box office, more so in the urban areas.

  • Ganesh Matkari
    Ganesh Matkari


    I would recommend the Shutter audience to not ask too many and buy the premise instead. It is better to keep in mind that realism here is secondary to the storytelling and may not always work. As a complete package, the film does work nicely for the commercial cinema audience. It’s something to break the monotony of love stories and family dramas.

  • Shalaka Nalawade
    Shalaka Nalawade


    The film could have done without the two songs featured, but apart from that little hiccup, there’s hardly anything to fault it. Go for it!