• Shashwat Sisodia
    Shashwat Sisodia
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    'Super 30' is a pretty unrealistic account of the famous Patna-based educationist Anand Kumar. Hrithik Roshan is very powerful as the on-screen Anand, but he fails to look like him or responsibly emote him. The supporting cast too seldom cooperates. But still, I loved the way the film fashioned itself, bending the time-tested textbook formulas of filmmaking like a love story and a predictable success sequence in the climax. The film is soulful, meaty and dark enough to be a likeable, effective and buck-bangingly entertaining inspirational saga which has been thoroughly written with emotional depth by Sanjeev Dutta. Vikash Bahl's direction is full of bumps, but it doesn't let down the way 'Chillar Party' did. And yeah, the film is actually a well-made one, which also celebrates an actor who tranformed himself in a complete fashion. Also, you need to watch it because seldom are the Bollywood's underdogs people like a child working in a hotel, or a teen who is a manual scavenger. Go see them soar, although the film does only to a limited pace.

    October 23, 19
  • Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
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    Hrithik Roshan shines in Super 30 despite his overtly off transformation into a mathematician from a poor family in Patna who goes on to develop an ingenious coaching program for Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) aspirants who are from the most marginal walks of life in the state of Bihar and which then takes a virulent turn (on its way making you emotionally weak and maybe even cry due to the sultry supply of motivational jump scenes) into a critique of one's right to education in India and how good education is only possible for the rich, while not once attempting to focus on the basic theme of the film: teaching mathematics.

    August 12, 19
  • Hasan Hoque
    Hasan Hoque
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    Super 30 is really a super movie that very few people can realize. I have watched this movie with scrutiny. Hrithik Rowshan acted like very tremendously. Every scene is so meaningful in regards of teaching and the life of a real teacher. Albeit, the story of that movie could be more realistic in terms of not neglecting others. I really enjoyed the movie. Thank you.

    September 15, 19