• Super 30 comes with an important message but the overwrought treatment weighs it down ultimately.

  • Shubhra Gupta
    Shubhra Gupta
    Indian Express


    The Hrithik Roshan movie is way less than super…Yes, the real-life story is inspiring. But the telling of it is a drag. The film has its moments, which belong mostly to its young people: the kids are all right.

  • Raja Sen
    Raja Sen
    Hindustan Times


    Hrithik Roshan tries hard in this ordinary film about an extraordinary man…Emotional manipulation gets in the way of inspiration in Vikas Bahl’s latest film starring Hrithik Roshan as maths genius Anand Kumar.

  • A smashingly effective story of a determined educator and his underprivileged wards

  • Hrithik Roshan Fills Colours in this Underdog Story…Connecting the dots of this feel-good story and filling in the colours is actor Hrithik Roshan along with a talented ensemble of actors.

  • Mayur Sanap
    Mayur Sanap
    Deccan Chronicle


    ‘Super 30’ makes you smile, it will also break your heart, it will make your spirit soar, and if you have no math inclinations, it will inspire you and make you appreciate its beauty, its usefulness and contribution to the world. And it also reminds us that without films so many inspiring stories of unsung heroes would go unnoticed.

  • Simplistic and lopsided, Super 30 is so satisfied by its master-to-mahatma narrative, it ends up seeing superb in so-so.

  • Super 30 has been shot on studio sets rather than on real locations, so do not look for the real sights and smells of Patna. That is one of the key problems with Super 30: it tells a true story but it never rings true. Nothing in the film is less convincing than the lead performance. The idea to bronze up Hrithik Roshan so that he can impersonate Anand Kumar is anything but super: it is a formula that equals zero.

  • There is a great film to be made on the Indian middle-class and lower middle-class obsession with an IIT education, the extent to which people will seek it, and the machinery it takes for those chosen few who do get through. “Super 30” isn’t equal to the task.

  • Sreeparna Sengupta
    Sreeparna Sengupta
    Times Of India


    While the narrative does have its flaws, ‘Super 30’ is a human drama and the story of a teacher who triumphs over the many challenges that life throws at him, to set an example for the world to see. Just for that it’s worth a watch.

  • Samrudhi Gosh
    Samrudhi Gosh
    India Today


    Despite the rousing tale and fine performances, the film is bogged down by the lengthy run-time and needless doses of drama.

  • Super 30 surely has the heart at its right place i.e in the head. Hrithik Roshan’s spellbinding performance maintains the Intrigue. Watch it for what it has to say, rather than what it shows.

  • SUPER 30 has a fine first half but goes downhill in the second hour. Yet, the impact is made due to the high emotional quotient and also thanks to Hrithik Roshan’s superlative performance. At the box office, it will require a good word of mouth to rein in the footfalls.

  • It’s the performances which elevate the film. The 30 students ooze sincerity and look their parts. One can empathise with their desire of spreading their wings and flying away from their hand-to-mouth lives.

  • Super 30 is a onetime watch. Inspirational acting by the lead cast with Hrithik Roshan showing the way is the high point of the film but the story fails to keep the audience hooked

  • Hrithik’s uneven acting, patchy storytelling and a narrow take on caste dilute a gutsy theme

  • Bollywood Life
    Bollywood Life
    Bollywood Life


    Super 30 is surely a one time watch. It is the classic story of an underdog. It tells us about the beauty of dreams and how one beautiful mind can better the lives of so many.

  • IANS


    This is a great story of a man who decided the poor can be privileged if educated. That a king’s son need not be a king. It would have taken a really daft director to ruin a story so inspiring. That, Vikas Bahl, is not. Lucky that he is good. Lucky for Anand Kumar. This movie has anointed him for good.

  • …a film is not just made by the director or a handful of his supporting producers. It is also about the hundreds of others involved, and in this case, it is also about the man who has worked for almost two decades in guiding disadvantaged geniuses to their rightful places.

  • Kunal Guha
    Kunal Guha
    Mumbai Mirror


    Vikas Bahl’s Super 30 delivers by excessively leaning on Hindi cinema’s oldest formula — detailing an underdog who strives to rise above his circumstances and even helps those less fortunate achieve ultimate glory.

  • Namrata Joshi
    Namrata Joshi
    The Hindu


    A salutary cause and an inspirational story about the triumph of the underdog doesn’t necessarily make an engaging film

  • While the film doesn’t encumber you with a nuanced performance from its lead star, ‘Super 30’ scores high when it comes to a one-time watch about the deep divide between the haves and the have-nots.

  • Pankaj Tripathi, like always didn’t fail to impress with his stellar command on his acting skills. The actor plays the role of a education minister who runs a flourishing coaching business in the film. Mrunal Thakur, who played the love interest of Hrithik Roshan in the film, looked gorgeous and also delivered a great performance. However, she didn’t have much to do in the film.

  • Madhuri


    Hrithik Roshan Gets His Formula Right When It Comes To Inspiring Us!

  • Super 30 anchors and succeeds solely because of Hrithik’s grounded performance in the film. Pankaj Tripathi is yet another treat in the film as he plays the corrupt politican with brilliance and ease. There aren’t any clear cut heroes in the film despite it being all about a larger than life story. There are no big dance numbers (not a lot anyway) where the hero is almost invincible. In fact, it tells you the important tale of being your own hero. You can definitely show this film for a motivational class and if you’re a Hrithik Roshan fan, you’ll definitely cherish this.

  • Super 30 is a story of triumph that is well-narrated but bucks down a bit for entertaining the audience with a tint of avoidable Bollywood drama.

  • Like this year’s Gully Boy, Super 30 suggests that with talent and commitment, it is possible to cross over from the other side of the tracks. Leap high towards your goals, Anand tells his students. The formula is as pat as the solution, but many parts of the journey makes this classroom victory worth the while.