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    Nowadays it has become a trend to make films with adult themes and they
    are made to release for unrestricted public exhibition, but with
    parental guidance. Thank you has vulgarity and humour in its roots. Its
    not a really bad movie, but you know that excess of anything is bad.And thus
    it becomes a bit difficult to watch the film with family.

    The story, locations and performances, along with music are the plus
    points of this film. Otherwise, the type of comedy you get to see at
    places is quite vulgar and rude. Only a bit of clean comedy is
    there.Akshay Kumar gives a nice performance, but the excess vulgarity
    kills the role and the goodness in his role. Sunil Shetty provides a
    bit of clean humor, especially when he's happy, and the best one, when
    he is framed. Bobby Deol does too much of vulgarity. The film has this
    in excess that you think how come Censor Board gave this film a clean
    UA certificate?

    But the story and music are nice. Akshay Kumar and his flute too are a
    positive point for the film. But however, the film fails to captivate
    family audiences for long.

    Overall, Thank You is an averagely made film that could have been
    better if it lacked vulgarity. However, if you can still tolerate the
    vulgarity, you may watch it once, and that too alone. Otherwise, just
    avoid it.

    July 17, 17