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Urumeen is a revenge story with an element of fantasy that runs through three generations from the 17th century to the present day. Bobby Simha plays a lawyer in the British era; while in the contemporary tale he is Selva Kumar, a call-centre professional.Wikipedia

Urumeen Reviews

Anupama Subramanian
Deccan Chronicle


...the film can be watched for its novel attempt.

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Times Of India


The problem with Urumeen is that the director has tried to infuse too many elements into one film. While two flashbacks are already a lot to take in, the second story takes its own sweet time to unfold. After a long-ish fight sequence, we realize that we are still left with the final revenge in the current era.

India Glitz


A supposed to be straighforward film gets around a lot of chaos with the twists, jumps between periods and falls behind on the execution to a fair extent. All said the movie is a good attempt from the first time director and continues to encourage the innovation platform in Kollywood. Verdict : A good fantasy revenge drama letdown by average execution.

Urumeen can be watched for the coruscating cinematography by Ravindranath Guru. Easily, Urumeen is one of the best shot films with apt lightings and the animated initial portions too deserve a special mention.


Urumeen doesn’t have much by way of laughs. It doesn’t need any. The way-over-the-top direction is its own comedy track.

With an interesting plot, Urumeen looks promising on paper but a topsy-turvy narration aided by an ordinary screenplay could leave you in a state of chaos, which might in turn evoke discontent.

An interestingly convoluted tale woven with less engaging screenplay.

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Urumeen serves quality thrills throughout. The film projects itself higher thanks to its well-knit screenplay, proficient performances and a completely compelling all-round effort. Go enjoy this paisa vasool fair, make sure you don't miss the beginning.

Audience Reviews for Urumeen

  • Prashast Singh
    Prashast Singh
    34 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    Bobby Simha, the national award winning actor, comes out in a full fledged solo action role in his recent action-fantasy-thriller URUMEEN. Directed and written by Shaktivel Perumalsamy, URUMEEN is completely a different attempt not only in Tamil cinema, but also in the cinema of the world. The film is technically and logically so well presented and honest that one hardly gets a chance to blink.

    URUMEEN is a fantastic revenge saga that is presented very well, and that's the biggest plus. The fights, VFX, cinematography and editing are the best parts of the film. Bobby Simha rocks in all the roles he plays (this is not a spoiler that he has more than one role). He's the strength of the film and it's a privilege to see him in an action packed role. Reshmi Menon has less to do in both the halves, but presents before us a good performance till she remains on the screen. Kalaiyarasan as the antagonist is at times menacing. He gives a controlled and honest performance. Other cast also leaves an impression.

    The story and screenplay of URUMEEN is something that can't be neglected at any cost. The script is wonderfully written and the screenplay is presented wonderfully on the screen. The locations of the film are a visual treat. The music by Achu Rajamani is an epic chartbuster and all the songs are excellent. The kind of artistic and creative cinematography we get to see in URUMEEN is never seen before. The climax is both visually a treat and is full of artistic creativity. It's so good that you need to watch it to realize. As stated before, the fights are excellent and are not be missed at all.

    Overall, URUMEEN is an excellently plotted revenge saga that has a perfect blend of all the elements one expects in a complete entertainer. It has no dull moment at all and is likely to grip and thrill you, if you are really looking for some thrilling action flick, which too has a soul. Highly and strongly recommended for all!

    July 17, 17
  • Kishore SK
    Kishore SK
    2 reviews

    movie paka mass thala. Thalaivar mari aa dailouge lanch lam sama, niga thaniya ungaluku oru style la vanthinga na pataiya kilapitalam.Background music supr

    December 17, 15
  • Guru Raja
    Guru Raja
    1 review

    movie is rolling in a different journal...
    Strong and powerfull dialogues...
    interesting dialogues in movie:

    1.Dhrogathulaye periya dhrogam nanban namaku pandra dhrogam dhan...

    2.Mudhugula kuthanumnu mudivu pannita mudhugula kuthuradhu nenja kilichitu veliya varanum apadi kuthanum...

    3.Maranathayum edhiriyayum epayume nama dhan theermanikanum apa dhan vazha mudiyum...

    4.Andavane edhirigala na pathukuren indha mari nanbargalkita irundhu ena kapathu...

    5.Unakaga nirnayikapattadhu unnai adaindhe theerum...

    Boby simha acting is good need more body language comparing to Jigardhandha simha acting is normal. need more powerfull expressions...

    Kalaiarasan is a new characteristic actor and he can suits for any role as hero as friend as villan and many more....

    good movie with different playing mode...

    December 04, 15
  • Subath Subath
    Subath Subath
    1 review

    Hii boby sima your acting is very nice and fighting scenes are awesome and romace also so nice.. And kalaiarasan also best villan performance ....good movie......

    December 04, 15