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Vanmham is a rural tale about the life of two friends, played by Sethupathi and Kreshna. It is a fascinating story that explains how words let loose on occasions can spoil beautiful relationships. Such words can bring the curtains down on friendships even between the best of friends.Wikipedia

Vanmham Reviews

Director Jai Krishna’s Vanmham is just another ordinary, highly predictable and melodramatic revenge drama that seriously tests your patience.

The only silver lining is the camerawork of Bala Bharani and never seen before Kanyakumari district locations, which fit in with the milieu. Suresh Urs could have speeded up the proceedings, as it is too long. One hopes Vijay Sethupathi would be careful on his script selection.


Watching something like this is punishment enough without making it seem like a two-and-a-half hour underwear commercial.


Though the intent is just not there from the creative department to differ from the usual, it never ceases from disappointing the audience with its placidity. Barring few moments of brilliance from Vijay Sethupathi and the refreshingly native setup in Kanyakumari, this one is sure to take revenge on your senses! – staying true to its title “Vanmham”, the intent for revenge!

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