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    Beautifully crafted with enough emotion, family values and loads of action — Vedalam also has a beautiful message for all of India’s young men: respect women enough to ensure they feel safe anywhere. The brother-sister bond is the highlight of this masala film and we were left teary-eyed on many occasions.

  • Vedhalam is yet another template mass masala film with few well etched out action sequences and feel-good moments but most of the time, the ship rests on the broad shoulders of Ajith, who single handedly makes us sit through the predictable potboiler.

  • The time-tested I’ll-abduct-your-close-ones method was after all used in a film like Run, that released 13 years ago. And oh, somebody should really tell filmmakers that it’s completely all right to not cast a heroine when she has nothing substantial to do, like Shruti Haasan in this film. In comparison, Nagma’s seems like a plum role in Baasha. And that’s saying something.