• Logic takes a hike, with a stabbed Laura running around for 20 minutes solving mysteries and a superior Matrix-level hacker being unable to get beyond the settings on the social media site, yet it’s entertaining. You end up following illogical plot points, and want to see just how the story ends. The pay-off is goofy, sure. But it’s still a good film to catch up on a late night with friends over.

  • Most animated movies try to deliver a message and end up sounding preachy. Sing too, has one — once you hit rock bottom, there’s nowhere else to go but up. The sheer heart with which its characters live and convey the sentiment, is incredible.

  • ‘Collateral Beauty’ is a tearjerker heavy on emotions. But at times, it gets a little overbearing and even the dry humour employed makes the suffering feel endless. You hope that when the three actors enter Howard’s life, there would be some comic relief. But philosophy flies thick and fast, from minor characters as well.

  • Trolls is a fail-safe film that young parents can take their kids to, and hopefully enjoy a few chuckles themselves.

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