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Khajoor Pe Atke

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Jeetendar, Ravindar, and Lalita along with their families from across the country rush down to the hospital as one of their family members in Mumbai may pass off anytime soon.

Khajoor Pe Atke Reviews

Rohit Vats
Hindustan Times


Despite a promising theme, Khajoor Pe Atke is somewhere lost in translation. Thanks to Manoj and Seema Pahwa’s terrific comic timing, the audience bears to sit through this 120-minute botched up relationship drama.

Reviewer Profile
Times Of India


Comparisons with the Marathi film Ventilator could have been valid, had the emotional angle in the film been a little strong. For now, 'Khajoor Pe Atke' is a funny situational comedy that lacks emotional depth, but delivers belly laughs by the plentiful.

All said & done, Khajoor Pe Atke is hanging on a very thin plot. This is a golden opportunity lost. A few funny moments here and there, that’s it. Watch it only if you can laugh at anything and everything.

Manisha Lakhe


A copy of the Marathi film Ventilator, Khajoor Pe Atke exaggerates in every possible way bringing down what could have been a wonderful situational dark comedy to something unsavory. A brother is about to die, and the family gathers around to 'be there'. Each person has his or her own motives for being there. Alas, instead of letting the audience decide when to chuckle and when to fall off the chair laughing, the loud comic sounds and the constant overacting puts you off.



Overall, mounted with moderate production values the film is a mediocre fare worth a Sunday watch on television.

We would suggest not to make an effort of watching this one on the silver screen.   

Audience Reviews for Khajoor Pe Atke

  • Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
    258 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    There is some comic relief in Harsh Chhaya's comedy drama Khajoor Pe Atke which tries to mock the serious issue of death by bringing members of a huge family together to mirror the opportunistic nature of human beings even in times of death and despair but ends up being a tone-deaf escapade that has all the social elements and cliches that we are currently trying to eradicate. TN.

    October 29, 18