• Though the scenes are repetitive, Sharma does succeed in walking the edge between intensity and airiness and transporting the audience into this simple and confined world. As the uneasiness builds, you brace yourself for an explosive end.

    Unfortunately, when it does come there is a sense that everything that preceded it was designed to lead up to it and, as grisly as it is, like everything before, this scene too does not move you. I didn’t feel for any of the characters and I was let down by this emotional disinterest.

  • As unimaginative as its title, Office Christmas Party starts strong but declines into nonsense.

  • If a breezy, highly styled, armchair travel rom-com is your mood, then Befikre might be the ticket. But if you prefer insightful, warming and witty, skip this.

  • Two scowling cops bumble their way through a contrived plot…

  • An enjoyable ride derails in the finale, and you wonder when will we see a film where Ranbir Kapoor, for all his efforts, dammit, gets the girl. A lazy attempt at emotional manipulation apart, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil delivers on nearly all it promised.

  • Devgn has clearly put time and effort into his direction,but appears to have put less into his performance. Neither makes the grade. And let’s face it, there can only be one Liam Neeson.

  • You are almost willing to forgive the cheesy emotional climax especially when it ends with Cruise’s electric smile. This one’s for Reacher, Cruise and Child fans alone.

  • As far as thrillers go, The Girl on the Train works hard to make every player seem suspicious but the result isn’t as juicy or caustic as Gone Girl, a hit adaptation in roughly the same genre.

  • As the last scene ends, the following phrase comes up on screen: ‘Never take a woman for granted’. A noble sentiment, but in filmmaking one should not take the script, screenplay or craft for granted either.

  • Though it’s called Freaky Ali, Siddiqui’s Ali is the least freaky of all the characters and his performance is the only reason this film is not a complete washout.

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