• What Dhar squanders on the screenplay, he makes up for in the details. Stefan Richter’s carefully designed and executed action scenes, Sashwat Sachdev’s thunderous background score, sound mix, sound design and special effects simulate authenticity. As far as war dramas go, Uri: The Surgical Strike is a confidently made film that comes out guns blazing. And when the guns are not blazing, Kaushal certainly is.

  • There are shades of his tour de force performance as Professor Siras in Aligarh in Gali Guleiyan, with Bajpayee reiterating his command on his craft as he conveys so much while given so little to say or do.

  • The Square is actually the sum of its parts, rather than a seamless whole. Viewers are probably going to pick differing scenes as their favourites. Ostlund arranges these scenes around Christian – a character who constantly looks like he’s about to go off the edge. Claes Bang is fantastic as he faces challenges and weirdness, and he also rocks a dinner jacket.

  • This is a film that can bring up the question of how one can stay impartial when afforded this kind of intimate access over two years. But as a passionately told capsule of the birth and rise of a party, as an insight into party politics, while almost voyeuristic, An Insignificant Man is invaluable and fascinating nonetheless. The film stops in 2013, and the present position and future of AAP offers enough drama to be the stuff of a sequel.

  • Tiwari’s handling of the jail scenes are commendable even if the climax is a little contrived. And while this jailhouse rock-on see-saws between musical drama and message movie, its origins in a true story (about a real life prison band called Healing Hearts) and it’s notation on the merits of reformation give it soul.

  • Daddy demands patient viewing as it sets out to explore a new story delivery style while tackling the ever-popular gangster genre. As it walks the fine line between judgement and glorification, Daddy often feels like a bunch of headlines stitched together with fine handwriting managing to suck you back into a time that has shaped modern Mumbai.

  • A heartwarming tragicomic tale about life, death and reconciliation…

  • The film handles that with reverence and sensitivity while addressing it’s additional motive: to deliver a message about realising dreams, maximising opportunities, encouraging the marginalised to break out of community constraints and caste shackles.

  • If you are able to look past many of these niggles it’s thank to Hrithik Roshan’s committed performance which keeps you rooting for his Rohan all the way.

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