• To catch up on the school-level immaturish talks on girls, love and sex, and to see how the talks have advanced from our transition from boys to men, Hunterrr is a good case study. An entertaining one at that.

  • Definitely could have done better with a little more fun and humor, but either way it was still a great watch. I loved it and I have my own reasons no matter what the others say, especially the recognized critics. So, I suggest to go and find it out for yourself because, “I am consciousness, I’m Chappie”

  • Blood, gore and a big middle finger to regression – NH10 packs it all. A recommended watch.

  • This is a film which effortlessly connects with the audience, and the scenes which unfold may pretty much be happening in and around your neighborhood. Do watch it for good humor, and for those huge scoops of love dished out.

  • There’s a sequence towards the end where Danny asserts the Indian Prime Minister that their plan of execution might be risky, but it is definitely ‘not dumb’. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of the plot.

  • All in all, Now You See Me is a decorous affair that entertains, but is trapped within a web of cliches. Watch it for the brilliant performances and the well delivered witty dialogues.

  • This film, my friend, is loathsome and characterless, apart from being an embarrassment to the franchise. Avoid it while you still can.

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