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The country is perpetually under threat from terrorist powers and the common man walks unaware of the threats and the attacks that our Government controls and prevents. While the common Indian fights for everyday issues, there are deeper and bigger threats to him and his family that he will never know exist because it is the men and women in uniform that safeguard them. The men and women who put country before self, the men and women who define our history because they give a damn!Wikipedia

Baby Reviews


Enjoy it for the brisk action thriller that it is, and try not to think about how much better it could've been.

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


...though this film looks always to be on the move, it frequently stalls. The result is a sort of frantic business which flatters to deceive : ‘Baby’, fronted by its fleet-footed hero with his brisk moustache and its background-music-overlaid action, feels longer than it should.

Anupama Chopra
Hindustan Times


It is a testament to Neeraj’s skill that despite these flaws, he’s created a film that has drama and moments in which you clap and cheer. I especially enjoyed watching Taapsee Pannu, who plays a female agent, kicking serious butt. There are glimmers of genuine insight — early in the film, the head of Baby (a suitably grim Danny Denzongpa) says that the fact that terror groups now have Indian recruits reveals a failure of the state. But Neeraj chooses not to pursue that thorny narrative thread. Instead, we stay with the far more palatable and heroic tale of a few good men and one woman ready to sacrifice their lives for their country.

Rohit Vats
Hindustan Times


The climax is strikingly similar to Argo, but with a little lesser planning and tension. Baby is not overtly dramatic and that saves the day towards the ending. The tempo is just perfect and the pace suits the situation. It's a thriller in every sense; however Akshay getting calls from his wife in the middle of mission somehow hampers the fluidity. This reminds me of the scene where Mumbai Police Commissioner Anupam Kher receives a call from an insurance agent in a tense scene of A Wednesday. That was funny though.

Suparna Sharma
Deccan Chronicle


...for the last 10 or 15 minutes of 'Baby', it keeps you on the edge and sends you off feeling happy. But, too little, too late Pandey has written the story, script and directed 'Baby'. Sometimes another pair of eye, another brain isn’t such a bad idea.

The second-half, especially the climax is where the film has scored well and keeps you on the edge of your seat.Pandey’s Baby, one must say, wouldn’t have been as interesting without the lead troika.Go watch Baby for Akki-Kher-Danny troika!

Baby is a dreary drama that meanders from one action sequence to another without making the audience any wiser.

Srijana Mitra Das
Times Of India


Balancing characters, conspiracies and cities, director Neeraj Pandey admirably keeps Baby rich, yet tight, researched, non-sentimental and steely-eyed. Neeraj's craft has grown - he's taken trademark touches from films like Special 26 and A Wednesday, setting them here on a grand scale, with a breath-taking climax. The cinematography - desert dunes in nothing but shaded moonlight - is elegant while dialogues are robust.

Rohit Khilnani
India Today


At 2 hours and 40 minutes Baby is too long to entertain and since it's full of flaws it seems much longer.

Suhani Singh
India Today


Following A Wednesday and Special Chhabis, Pandey works with a bigger canvas for his third film. But Baby proves that bigger doesn't always mean better.

Baby is a must-watch film with rich content. This action thriller will woo you if you are a fan of watching raw action where blood spills and guns are trotted. An honest work that dares to bare terrorism and its religious connection. What I loved most about the film was its quality to hook you.

BABY is one of the finest films ever made in the history of Indian cinema. Not only because of its excellent cinematic credentials but also because of the balanced 'Thought' behind the film. Neeraj Pandey once again proves that he's a genius. This time he proves, it's possible to better Perfection. We say, hey baby, don't think, just go for BABY. Cinema at its very best!

Sachin Chatte
The Navhind Times


Baby offers a mixed bag, by and large it remains predictable for most parts but the redeeming factor is the finale that is reminiscent of Argo, but keeps you engrossed all the same. That may not be the only film that Baby reminds you of, there is also a bit of Nikhil Advani’s D-Day in the storyline.


Real world problems aside, watch the film for its well-executed action and ahem – that’s for you, ladies, for Pakistani hottie Mikaal Zulfiqar, who plays Akshay’s deeply connected contact in Gulf. And for the rejuvenated Khiladi Kumar, of course, who really knows how to kick some ass…


... it is Neeraj Pandey who stands out because it is his genius that shines through. The rest of the cast just fall in line under his directorial baton.

The film works on many levels; effective lines, some laced with dead-pan humour, the break-neck pace, near-perfect casting and minimal melodrama.

Audience Reviews for Baby

  • Shashwat Sisodia
    Shashwat Sisodia
    300 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    Neeraj Pandey's 'Baby' is an edge-of-the-seat spy thriller which will keep you thrilled throughout the running time. The film doesn't have the heft of originality which 'Special 26' had as a speciality, but it's a film that's as much entertaining. Akshay Kumar is in a raw form here- and it might be his most gripping, heroic performance. Taapsee Pannu makes an assured debut. Watch her as she kicks the butt of the enemies. There are many such bits on screens, and these bits make you glued to the screens. It's an immensely enjoyable and entertaining film which has a concrete- if not coherent- script. But most importantly, it's weakness isn't jingoism.

    December 15, 19
  • Midhun Ben Thomas (Dilseben)
    Midhun Ben Thomas (Dilseben)
    160 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    The Republic Day on a Monday inevitably meant that the film makers had an extended weekend to take advantage of & Neeraj Pandey's "Baby", which deals with espionage seemed an apt choice. There was a palpable sense of anticipation after all Neeraj had wowed the audience previously with "A Wednesday" & "Special Chabbis". Even the promos of his latest aroused curiosity, as it seemed like a slickly executed movie. So will it live upto the standard of its predecessors???

    Baby is an undercover intelligence agency that was formed with the intention to curb the rising acts of terrorism. Ever since its inception, it's highly skilled agents have foiled countless attempts of the militants who were keen to unleash a reign of terror across the nation. Feroze Ali Khan (Danny Denzongpa) was the Chief of Baby & Ajay (Akshay Kumar) was his ace among the agents. The film unfolds with Ajay negating the threat posed by a double agent & in the process, unearths the truth that the dreaded terrorist, Bilaal (Kay Kay Menon) facing trial in the Indian jail was likely to be rescued. All of this was done under the orders of the Pakistan's terror outfit, Lashkar whose leader was Maulana Mohammad Rehman (Rashid Naz). So can Ajay & his fellow agents rise to the biggest challenge that they had ever faced???

    Neeraj Pandey credentials needs no introduction as he has already proved it beyond doubt with his previous two ventures. In his latest offing, he has gone for a much larger scale as the characters trot across the globe in their mission to bring the offenders to justice with some impressively executed stunt sequences. However, unlike his other movies; the plot lacks the tautness or reality that you would expect from him as some of the scenes seem too far fetched be it Bilaal's escape or the rather lack of professionalism on the part of the terrorists.. But even then, I thoroughly enjoyed it as the latter half really hooks the audience with some edge of the seat sequences which kinda reminded me of "Argo". As for the technical aspects, the visuals by Sudeep Chatterjee was fantastic along with the action sequences choreographed by Cyril Raffaelli and Abbas Ali Moghul. Even the BGM by Sanjay Chowdhury deserves praise while the editing by Shree Narayan Singh was crisp.

    Akki was fantastic as the undercover agent & seemed every bit convincing be it with his stunts or his suave nature. Danny Denzongpa imparted the sense of seriousness that you would associate with such a character. Inspite of appearing towards the latter half of the movie, Anupam Kher provides the hilarious moments in his own characteristic manner. Rashid Naz was menacing while Kay Kay Menon didnt have much to do. Among the rest, Rana Duggabatti was imposing with his bulky frame while Tapsee Pannu steals the scene in her brief appearance.

    Verdict: The previous track record of Neeraj would ensure a credible initial, however it wont cater to the masses as such. The plot is pretty average as it does have some notable loopholes & seems far fetched at times, but still it was brilliantly executed & keeps you hooked for sure. In short, check it out !!!

    Rating: 3.75/5


    September 18, 16
  • Saheb Abdullah
    Saheb Abdullah
    82 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    This May Be Considered Akshay Kumar's Best Movie Ever.Great Story, Good Execution And Akshay At His Best, Though It Loses Pace Sometimes But That Don't Effect Much

    May 01, 16
  • Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
    258 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    I like Neeraj Pandey's stories. His A Wednesday! (2009) is a masterpiece and Special 26 (2013) a good satire. Baby is good, but not great. But consider it as 2015's first watchable film.

    The opening credits serve as a prologue which tells us that an Indian elite squad (codenamed BABY because of their martial infancy) is sent out to infiltrate huts of terrorism around the world so as to prevent any act of terrorism in India (and/or elsewhere, but let us focus on the exclusive Indian patriotism here). Ajay (Akshay Kumar), a father of two, is the skipper of this squad and mostly acts as a one-man army. Basically, this squad carries out unofficial surgical operations outside India. The story starts to make sense only after you are successfully pulled inside the plot which maneuvers between places around India and the world.

    A brawny first half will make you uncomfortable with some boring sequences that will surely raise few questions on the editor. The humor is destructive rather than constructive as the audience awaits a dose of real thrills. There are one or two scenes that MAY make you feel good from a spectator's perspective, but trust me it looks cooked. Enter second half and greet Anupam Kher in his appreciable performance as a quirky strategist. The pace catches up in the last forty minutes and if it were not for these crucial minutes, I am positive the film may have never come out its self-inflicted sabotage.

    The plot is ambitious and no wonder Pandey has sampled some real life events into his story. They work and as far as an unsuspecting viewer is concerned, it all goes well. If you dig deeper, the narrative has nothing substantial to deliver. Yes we talk about killing these mercenaries before they plan another attack. But when every other bad guy dies prematurely, the fun quotient drains. And that is what happens in Baby. It is all so simple yet so difficult.

    Denzongpa and Kumar are good, not great. I somehow missed Daggubati; Kumar's actress (from that seemingly sexist Airtel ad) had more screen-space than him. The dialogs are funny and the one thing that really works for the film is the combination of drama and humor that goes hand-in-hand with all those weighty happenings. Even if you start to wonder where the thrills are, the witty dialogs will take care of you. The raw sequences of interrogation and infiltration dictates your attention.

    While the photography is good, the cinematography is below average. Direction is the usual Pandey, nothing to talk about. There is some good writing in here (a la A Wednesday!) but otherwise Baby is a slightly exaggerated drama. The namesake stunts are punchy and as the story turns to the climax, you will surely feel a satisfaction that if not in reality, a fictional India is doing something bold and not busy promoting superficial campaigns like Swachch Bharat & Make In India.

    BOTTOM LINE: Baby is a tasty dish for our palates, but it ends up being more of a meaty affair than an intellectual thril

    April 08, 15