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Humshakals is the story of the confusion and mayhem that takes place when three individuals have a lookalike of a lookalike, all with the same name. Wikipedia

Humshakals Reviews


... essentially a tasteless, overblown affair that plods on for 159 brain-numbing minutes. I'm going with half out of five, yes just half out of five, for Sajid Khan's 'Humshakals'. I've never had one, but I imagine a ruptured appendix would hurt less.

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


I am all for political incorrectness. Silliness can be great fun. But brainless doesn’t have to translate to brain-dead, when it is done with smarts. ‘Humshakals’ has zero. Even in his really terrible moments, Sajid has managed to come up with one laugh out loud moment. Or two. Here there are none.

Raja Sen


Humshakals couples its crude farce with a certain aggression, as if daring the audience to stay in their seats while it repeatedly spits at them. This is not filmmaking, this is sadism.

Sarit Ray
Hindustan Times


As social experiments go, this one tests patience rather than intelligence. It takes every ounce of the former not to take the cue from Ashok’s audience at the outset and leave.

Sweta Kaushal
Hindustan Times


With no story or comedy on offer, even Riteish and Ram are unable to save the day for Sajid Khan. Skip this movie if you do not want a bad headache and other after-effects of being tortured.

Kusumita Das
Deccan Chronicle


Humshakals could be one of those classic cases of the after party being a little better than the real party. Because after 159 minutes of, let’s not get into what that was, it’s the behind-the-scenes shots that actually make you laugh, if at all.

Humshakals is consistent in one respect: the only way it goes is down. The gags turn more and more grotesque as the film progresses, ending in such an unseemly heap that it becomes impossible to fathom what the hell is going on. Heed the warning: Humshakals is infinitely more insufferable. Even if you possess plenty of himmat, use it elsewhere.

Srijana Mitra Das
Times Of India


The result's like a minty chewing gum that's been stretched too long. Shedding 30 minutes and some jaded gags would make Humshakals consistent fun - now, you laugh but also frequently go, ho-hum.

In the opening credits, Sajid Khan pays tribute to Kishore Kumar, Jim Carrey and Peter Sellers. It takes barely a few minutes of “Humshakals” to find this claim to greatness by association both arrogant and audacious. The movie is best avoided.


Humshakals is the lowest form of buffoonery I have seen this year. It would have been way more harsh if Ram & Riteish were missing from the film. Loaded with indecipherable dim wit, the film is an odd mishmash of pathos and drudgery. Unfunny and strictly for juvenile, I am gonna take the day off to decide whether Himmatwala was better than this. Meanwhile, stick to FIFA and stay away from the cinemas. Going with a very lenient 1.5/5, I am on the brink of lunacy after watching some glop like this.


It would be wrong to say Humshakals is an irrelevant film. It takes mainstream Bollywood comedy to its lowest level yet. Look at the brighter side. May be things can't get worse than this in the future.

Saurabh Dwivedi
India Today


For Sajid Khan, I can only say that Humshakals will be listed in one of the worst films of the century.Watch Humshakals only if you want to test your patience.

Faheem Ruhani
India Today


If over-the-top situations, silly jokes and a plot with no logic is what you are looking for then Humshakals is for you. You might manage to laugh a few times.

Suhani Singh
India Today


Simply put, comedy never looked this bad. Humshakals is an unforgiveable farce. At one point in the film, Chunky Pandey, whose cameo appearance is forgettable, says, "This is public harassment." That is the precise sentence we'll use to describe the experience of seeing this film.

Taran Adarsh
Bollywood Hungama


HUMSHAKALS tries too hard to make you laugh, but fails miserably.

Sachin Chatte
The Navhind Times


Having endured Himmatwala, it appeared that your creative juices had dried up and it couldn’t have got any worse. But sadly, we were wrong.Make no mistake, I was well prepared for all eventualities. I practiced sitting on a cactus for two and a half hours every day to get myself ready for it. What I wasn’t prepared for was being water boarded at the same time.

Audience Reviews for Humshakals

  • Bubbly
    41 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    Title word HUMSHAKAL itself is a plural. Then why add "s" at its end? Probably because all asses throng the movie! In this movie all r shitting and hamming! Sajid Khan made for a good TV show host. He then jumped into film making but has not done much except making flops. He has a fetish for letter H. Barring Darna Zaroori Hai(2006), consider Heyy Babyy(2007), Housefull(2010), Housefull 2: The Dirty Dozen(2012), Himmatwala(2013) and now Hamshakals. Humshakals is a three-triple-roles comedy featuring Saif Ali Khan, Riteish Deshmukh and Ram Kapoor. To begin with, there is no story. Consider Saif and Ritesh applying butter on Ram’s face and saying, "We are buttering you!" or "Hum pagal nahin hain!" or slapping each other and saying, "Yeh toh slapstick comedy hai!"

    As Saif, Riteish and Ram meet their humshakals, not one but two each, there is confusion galore. Glamour(or lack of it) is provided by three bikini-clad lead actresses - Bipasha, Esha and Tamanna. Humshakals is inspired by cult film Angoor(1982). Angoor was based on Shakespeare’s play The Comedy of Errors(c. 1594). Indian cinema has made five films based on the play, Bhrantibilas(1963, Bengali, Uttam Kumar), Do Dooni Char(1968, Hindi, Kishore Kumar), Angoor, (1982, Hindi, Sanjeev Kumar), Ulta Palta(1997, Kannada, Ramesh Aravind) and Aamait Asal Eemait Kusal(2012, Tulu, Naveen D Padil). Best watch Angoor again. But if you still would like to watch Humshakals, take sardard tablet with you and return echoing, "bekaar, bekaar, bekaar." Blame it on the power of three!

    What is the use of investing time, money and energy along with talent when the end result is a tri-cycle sorry tri-shakals. It is three to the power of infinity Bore Bore Bore. Sajid Khan did well as a host. As a director, he is competing with Dada Kondke(with due respects to the long departed). Sis Farah piggy-rode on SRK and Akshay Kumar and could transform from choreographer to a credible director. Sajid has no such luck. Let him live in his dream world with this HIMMATWALA Part 2. Even God will not save this trash. Instead get a DVD of ANGOOR(1982) and taste the thunder that was Sanjiv Kumar. But if u still wish to go ahead watching this whatever: take headache tablets along and demand ticket refund, pop, corn, hourly wage and transportation fare along with other misc fares. Good Luck!

    BTW: The movie is proving to be a big hit in China! Can u guess why?

    My Witty Quotes:

    1. Earlier, Sajid Khan was talented. Today, he is ail-ented. Earnestly pray for him. May his soul find its mooring post JacFer and Tamanna.

    2. HIMMATWALA To HAMSHAKALS: Yeh Dosti Hum Nahin Chodenge! Rating: Awarded Sun, Moon & Stars.

    3. HUMSHAKALS is simply a scary movie. It scares u from never daring to watch future movies. It is actually HAMshakals. The actors ham. The viewer begs for ham(the food).

    4. Badi himmat chahiye in sab shakals ko dekhne ke liye. Sajid toh bechara, dekhne ke baad pagal ho gaya!

    5. Sajid Khan is undergoing mid-life crises. And he cannot deal with it single-handedly. Meri Shaadi Karaado!

    6. Ekta Kapoor popularised letter K. Sajid Khan does it with letter H.

    7. Nobody is calling it hero Saif’s movie but baying for the blood of’director’ Sajid Khan! Wonder why!

    8. If u wish to escape depression, EXIT before it is too late! Bips escaped and she is SANE!

    BTW: This is not a review but an expression of pain. PHEW!

    May 21, 15
  • Amritansh
    3 reviews

    IT is campelely stupid,idiot and good for nothing movie

    July 16, 15