• The over-reliance on cacophonic background score to propel the drama reveals serious narrative insecurity. Some of the transitions in the film are hastily done: I spotted at least two that appeared to have been borrowed from a Powerpoint presentation.

  • ‘Mission Mangal’ had a promising premise but it’s oversimplification robs the viewer of the authenticity and complexity of a sophisticated operation.

  • Rajdhani Express could be such a fatal blow to your collective consciousness that you’d want to recommend the film to your worst enemies and seek comfort in the fact that they are going to be irreparably traumatised.

  • That is the biggest tragedy of this tamasha. The unintended humour makes a mockery of the social issue it set out to tackle by way of this film. A badly made comic caper is excusable, but a sombre social drama so preposterous is simply unacceptable.

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