• The animation is immersive with a flurry of colourful dragons flying through the screen but the best moments are still reserved for Toothless with retractable teeth, very much like the narrative! The Dragon has got more teeth as it soars again without any real hiccup!

  • If you have watched the original try it to see how Manila could easily be Mumbai and if you haven’t, go get illuminated about the ground realities beneath your feet.

  • Try it if you have the patience!
    …It is their natural charm, particularly Alia’s effortless approach that makes you invest in their relationship despite the fact that the narrative unfolds in a soap operatic tone.

  • A feel good family entertainer that deserves a chance.

  • Cinema at its whimsical best!

  • For a change here is a film that shows a part of Old Delhi without the overriding Punjabi flavour. Shot in an Old Delhi haveli, Bauji’s house is a character in itself. There is so much going around him that you wonder how Rajat, Resul Pookutty (sound) and Rafey Mohammed (cinematography) managed to capture this chaos with such clarity and how these endearing snapshots of life were put together in an order by editor Suresh Pai. Every character is well etched… But it is Sanjay Mishra who is the tour de force of the film and could well be the second Queen this March.

  • Go with ear plugs. Don’t worry the message will still seep through!

  • A love story that hardly tugs at your heartstrings.

  • Not great by any stretch of imagination.

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