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Ya Rab

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Ya Rab is a movie directed by Hasnain Hyderabadwala which shows the battle between two ideologies. One group represents the Islamic principles of compassion and respect for human life, while the other incites youth to avenge alleged atrocities on Muslims. It is a genuine effort to show the right face of Islam and to guide the misguided to the right path. Wikipedia

Ya Rab Reviews

Renuka Vyavahare
Times Of India


It may have started out as a noble intention, but the film's execution is outdated and comes across as cliched. The linear storyline and overtly simplistic narrative may appeal to those who prefer the formulaic cinema of the 80s. Thus, the film might find appeal in mass audiences, which explains its style.


The entire screenplay defies logic. I can understand if this has happened in a blockbuster film with the big stars where they expect you to keep your brains behind. But not in YA RAB where the intention is to educate with a calming message rather than entertain. The two stars are basically for the honest intention.


This film may have low production values but it tackles a sensitive subject head-on and sends a clear message.

...is a totally avoidable fare. I could not help pleading, Ya Rab, reham! [Oh God, mercy!] Random Youtube videos make better sense than this.


To sum it up in one word – Bad! Ya Rab is a movie based on Islam and terrorism. Despite having a very strong, interesting and intense concept, it failed miserably on the big screen.

Rahul Desai
Mumbai Mirror


...a woeful product that attempts to speak for Islam while trying to dispel false notions about the religion, but ends up as a discourse against every department of filmmaking.

Reviewer Profile
The Hindu


Go with ear plugs. Don’t worry the message will still seep through!

Audience Reviews for Ya Rab

  • Hari
    1 review

    What a great movie showing the True Islam....

    February 06, 14