• Director Ruben Fleischer tries to make this Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed starrer thrilling and funny but the screenplay has little that is inventive or original

  • The most mystifying part of LoveYatri is Aayush’s hair, which rises a good three to four inches above his head. At one point, I wondered – what does it take to keep that up? Yes, this is that sort of film.

  • J.P. Dutta’s film, based on a military operation against the Chinese at the Nathu La Pass in Sikkim in 1967, is structurally clumsy, bland and flat-out tedious

  • Navaniat Singh’s film tries to be a comedy, an Ayurveda commercial, a plea for national integration, a love story and a moral science lesson. Dharmendra still has dollops of charm but even he or Sunny Deol’s iconic ‘dhai kilo ka haath’ can’t lift this incoherent film

  • If the story had more depth, these three could have worked magic. But Karwaan stays on the surface. Which, it must be said, is beautiful – this film will make you want to book a trip to Kerala. But it could have been much more.

  • Fallen Kingdom springs to life when Jeff Goldblum, as the chaos theory expert and all around rockstar Dr Malcolm, makes an appearance. 25 years ago, in Jurassic Park, he had warned us that this will not end well. Once again, he plays the voice of reason.

    Of course we refuse to listen. We can’t because there is one more film to come.

  • There is an airport ending, too, but not in the classical sense. Again, the thought is pragmatic and sensitive; distance, at times, is the only way to create space for better engagement. And then you hear his voice, “Not all stories have heroes called Shah Rukh Khan…” – and you instantly know why a movie that thrives on inverting the angrezi of love isn’t as novel as it should have been: it is too busy flaunting its humble grammar.

  • Daas Dev is meant to be a study of power and what happens to those who lust for it. It’s a solid idea lost in execution.

  • Rampage veers between exhausting action sequences and eye-glazing exposition. Characters says lines like – get me the neuromuscular synapse activity. I wanted to interrupt with – get me a good time. But the writing is so lame that even Johnson’s Herculean charisma can’t make this compelling.

  • Somewhere, buried in this wreck is a satisfying suspense thriller. But it never emerges.

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