• The film is a must-watch for all those who love Tom Cruise. He is a great action hero, and the entire movie stands testimony to that fact. However, as far as the series goes, Rogue Nation is possibly not the best of the lot. Ghost Protocol had a lot more to its story, and Mission Impossible II definitely stands above the rest. This instalment will not disappoint those who love the franchise, but that is about it.

  • This film is worth watching simply to bask in the future of what Indian epics can be portrayed as, if only someone like Rajamouli can have the courage to visualise it! Watch it – you would want to hold your breath for the sequel.

  • The film is sure to be an international blockbuster, and is worth every penny. Comic book buffs may be a little miffed with the small walk-aways from the original back stories. But the visual spectacle is going to keep the fans happy.

    Not to be missed!

  • The film has managed to bring back a popular Indian character to the limelight, and the movie does justice to the genre. Watch it for the packaging of the movie, music, lights, art direction and the story – they all fit together for an experience to remember.

  • This movie is a feel good package and a must watch for those born in the 80s and the 90s simply to relive the decade. For those who are not, go for the performances. It is rare that a Bollywood movie makes you all warm, fuzzy and gooey from the inside – the experience is a must for those who love cinema.

  • The movie is novel – it is in no way a masala blockbuster and yet it does not mock the mindless cinema of Bollywood churns out outright, despite the many chances that it has.

  • This horrex is at best a one time watch. Watch it if you want to see the sizzling chemistry between Bips and Karan. But, if you are a thrill fan, ‘Alone’ will leave you disappointed.

  • It is definitely a good watch, especially if you go with your loved one. It has clean humour, without any glaring sexual innuendos and would be a good film to watch with your family as well!

  • Despite all its flaws, it is relevant even today. It has a message that humanity struggles to accept a lot of things, and the more open-minded we are – the more towards greatness we move as a race. But the message gets lost in the overly forced romance. Watch it to learn the story of a great artist, who is historically significant to the rise of Indian art. But there is little else to offer.

  • One sure hopes that Farah had spent a little more time on the movie itself than on the promotions, because even though it is sure that the movie will ride the wave of a Diwali Weekend and Shah Rukh’s popularity and do good business, this is her flimsiest movie yet. The spectacular entertainment that is expected out of her is all but a fizz. It may be entertaining in parts, but at best it is a one time watch. Watch the movie if you are a Shah Rukh Khan fan – but the movie has nothing more than his fabulous body to offer.

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