• The film has moments which will leave a lump in your throat and moments that will make you laugh loud.

  • RGV has told it taut, specially in the second half that is all about Operation Killing Veerappan. Sandeep’s tranformation as Veerappan is commendable — from his looks to his dialect. Here’s an actor waiting to be explored. Usha too plays it easy. Sachiin was a delight and perhaps this is his best performance so far.

  • Director Tanuj Bhramar could have explored gay relationships deeper. But in this film, he is almost content to let it all rest with a son’s acceptance — if willy-nilly — of his father’s sexuality.

  • Well, for one, there is hardly any heaving and moaning sex.

    Disappointed? Don’t be. There is plenty more that makes this film a one-time watch.

  • Debutant director Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari has shown this heart-warming story in an entertaining and emotional way. The climax of the film makes one choke. Though the first half is slow, the second half picks up the pace.

  • The first half is crisp and the story moves smoothly, but during the second half the story moves a bit too fast leaving the audience confused. The direction is good but the editing is not up to the mark.

  • The first half of the film moves smoothly but the hasty evacuation towards the end makes the story lose grip.

    This was a story waiting to be told, and it has been.

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