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Veerappan is a 2016 Indian biographical film written and directed by Ram Gopal Varma, based on the life of Indian bandit Veerappan, and the events leading to Operation Cocoon to capture and kill Veerappan. The theatrical trailer of the film, was released on 18 April 2016 to positive reviews. The film stars Sandeep Bharadwaj, Sachiin J Joshi, Usha Jadhav, and Lisa Ray in pivotal roles.Wikipedia

Veerappan Reviews


Varma takes frequent liberties with the truth in this remake of his own Kannada film Killing Veerappan, but what you leave the cinema with at the end are shattered eardrums from the incessant background music.

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


The dizzying camera angles which have marred so many of RGV’s recent outings may have mercifully gone missing but the ear-shattering background music is right there.

Raja Sen


It may well be a misfire, but Veerappan shows that at least RGV has his eyes open while squeezing the trigger. The dacoit is still at large.

Rohit Vats
Hindustan Times


...this 126-minute film has pace and a narrative technique which may give you a glimpse of RGV’s old charm. But, the mojo isn’t completely back yet.

Reviewer Profile
Deccan Chronicle


RGV has told it taut, specially in the second half that is all about Operation Killing Veerappan. Sandeep’s tranformation as Veerappan is commendable -- from his looks to his dialect. Here’s an actor waiting to be explored. Usha too plays it easy. Sachiin was a delight and perhaps this is his best performance so far.

This film is another reminder: it is time to launch a manhunt for the Ram Gopal Varma that Bollywood watchers once knew. Or, else, let us just move on just as Hindi cinema has done from the heydays of the gangster flick.

Meena Iyer
Times Of India


In all fairness, Sandeep brings Veerappan alive and the National Award winner Usha as Muthulakshmi is convincing. Though not in top form, RGV does redeem himself to some degree. And his film does allow you to get up, close and personal with the notorious criminal who made a monkey of the Tamil Nadu and Karnataka Governments, because he knew the loopholes in the system.

Ram Gopal Varma, whose skill sets as a director have plummeted drastically in the last few years, falls further into the abyss by bringing together a bunch of bad actors in “Veerappan” and egging them on towards even more mediocrity.

Bryan Durham
DNA India


For someone still reeling from the after-effects of watching Not A Love Story (never mind that RGV had a string of could-have-beens after that), this comes as an opportunity to prove us wrong, wasted. Where have all the Shivas, Satyas, Sarkars and Shools gone?


At the end of the day, Veerappan is hardly the redemption Ram Gopal Varma could have hoped for. It is 2.5 hours of unbearable torture.

...has violence that may seem a bit over the top for a certain segment of audience. With its unconventional and extremely well-narrated story line and Ram Gopal Varma's trademark filmmaking skills VEERAPPAN will most likely be patronized by a niche segment of the audience.


It's not the worst film Ram Gopal Varma has made. Nor is it any close to his best. It's just a middle-of-the-road offering where seeing an actor look like the mirror image of Veerappan catches your fancy for a few fleeting moments. Once the illusion withers away, there's really nothing to hold on to.

Sachiin Joshi makes an attempt to look and act the role he plays, but then the attempt shows more than the talent. Sandeep Bharadwaj as Veerappan and Jadhav as Mutthulakshmi are perfectly cast and they both do a convincing job of it. Even then this could have been an engaging watch, if not spoiled by that constant assault on one's eardrums.

Subhash K Jha


This film is certainly not for the squeamish or the weak at heart. But for those  who are familiar with Ram GopalVarma’s appetite for the  abominable, Veerappan is just the beast to grab at your nearest theatre.


The film’s deficiencies are most unfortunate because in its pluses we get a glimpse of the old Ramu that we all once knew and loved, the man who gave us pathbreaking gangster and crime flicks such as Shiva, Satya and Company.

Manisha Lakhe


The movie spans only the period of April 2004 until October 18, 2004, but it feels like you have lived the life of Veerappan, in the jungles, surrounded by mosquitoes (and bad dialog and silly characters)... Even though the man who plays Veerappan looks spot on like the dacoit, Ram Gopal Varma misses this one by a mile.

Audience Reviews for Veerappan

  • Ajay lawyer
    Ajay lawyer
    85 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    plus point is the actor of veerapan looks like real veerapan .thats it

    July 24, 17
  • Lasit Roy
    Lasit Roy
    32 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    Cinemetography is good. But too much lighting. Performances are weak but watchable..

    May 27, 16